Feedback: Joint Account testing

Hey @tomsr

If you are looking at doing CASS make sure you do FULL and not partial.

Full - Moves everything and closes your old account. All payments are covered for 24 months I think
Partial - Just moved the DDs

I did the Partial for the current account and it was a nightmare, everything failed. I’m definately going to do it manually from now on and make sure things get done

I don’t want to close the old account, so want to attempt the partial. All in the name of testing I suppose.

I’ll await the go-ahead from Monzo to give this a go.

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Monzo 2.3.0 for Android just showed up in the Play Store, but I don’t see any option to open a joint account yet.

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The feature flag probably hasn’t been enabled on your account. Same for me.

Maybe they were waiting for the app to roll out, let’s hope so

Considering one of the things that was on the big list was iOS-Android parity I find it odd that iOS selected users have had the joint account option available for a while now while the Android equivalent are still waiting…

It’s literally just got into the Android beta, it’s not always possible to keep the two apps 100% in sync -

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You’re brave. There’s no way in hell I’d ever consider letting anyone else move DDs over on my behalf. The full switch comes with guarantees that, should it all go wrong, you won’t be out of pocket and your credit file won’t be affected. The partial switch is just handing the DD mandates over to someone and saying, “do it for me”, and no switch guarantee. In the end, no one is as invested as me that my mortgage is paid on time.

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I know, and trust me I don’t like writing anything negative about Monzo. Just something that occurred to me when looking over previous posts.

If you’ve read the blog post that I’ve linked to then you should understand. In which case, I genuinely can’t see what the issue is.

Just voicing an opinion and I’m going to leave it at that as I’ve seen stuff like this escalate in the past.

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Luckily nothing is that critical that couldn’t be manually corrected so I’m happy to do it without a guarantee, in order to keep the benefits.

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Notifications do not appear to work if you are not in the right account. I used my sole card but my account was in joint view. So when I tapped on the notification it showed me the transaction but when I backed out I was in my joint transaction list. For a moment I thought I used the wrong card.


I could be wrong, but don’t think the gaurantee includes no impact to your credit record, just that you will have no out fees

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I don’t see any option either. Anyone know what’s going on?

Were you in the pilot group of 400 ( 200 iOS and 200 android)?

I believe even if you have the right app version the feature will only be enabled for those in the JA pilot groups.

If you were in the pilot groups then I suggest contacting @tjvr for an update.

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Yes you’re right

I am in the same boat. Got the latest Android Beta yesterday but still nothing for Joint Account.

I guess it’s still not available to Android users.

Yes I am. I raised it with Monzo support yesterday. I haven’t seen anyone from.the android test group here saying they have it enabled either.


Still finding super hard to understand where I can signup for this beta! Two Android Monzo users. Looking for joint account, will use all the time, will make the hot coral work. ono