Feels like the iOS / Android disparity is growing not shrinking

Updates coming to ios and 7 not being implemented on android just causes more disparity

Or when they are integrated into Android they aren’t being integrated to the same extent - monzo.me for example


The good news is, if you take a look at the roadmap there’s only a single iOS feature due within the next 3 months but there’s lots of Android features :tada:


Oh awesome I’ll check that out!

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On the roadmap 3 of the near term Android goals were added in September, so already slipping past the 3 month target

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And there’s more discussion on this in that topic too :slight_smile:

Lots of ground to cover with the Android app over the next few months! We’re committed to delivering regular updates as promised :slightly_smiling_face: :tada:

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My understanding is that people tend to specialise in developing for one platform. So Monzo presumably has a few android devs and a few iPhone devs.

Sadly this means that they can’t move resources easily from one to the other.

Correct :slightly_smiling_face: The iOS team is slightly bigger, and we had a few iOS developers working on the app from the beginning. We have two Android developers (three for a short time), with the first joining in Spring last year. This is one of the main reasons the Android app didn’t launch until September. I’m sure you’ll agree, building the native app from scratch in a matter of months with a team of this size is a pretty mean feat!

The Android team are doing an awesome job at getting new features and functionality into the app speedily and they’re looking for talented developers to join the team and help them do this! :eyes:


I suppose my worry is that android will never be on the same schedule went always and update or 2 (or more) behind


I’ve just started to learn android development myself. So I can appreciate that building new features can be a time consuming process, especially if you have to go through testing & QA procedures.


I suspect that they will both plateau at some point with a full feature set. Probably iOS followed by android a few months later.


I don’t think you need to worry about that. The Android app is rapidly catching up, internally and externally, and the feature gap really is closing. If you look at where the Android app is now compared to 2 months ago, it’s pretty striking. We’ve launched Payments and Spending since then - both major features. Also for those of us on Android 7.1.1 we have the new App Shortcuts which are really cool.

Our Android team are truly talented and working on lots of cool things to close the gap! Profile pages and fingerprint recognition are just two things we will hopefully be launching soon :slight_smile:


I am on 7.1.1 and believed I had the most up to date versions…

I dont get either app shortcuts or payments ??

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I have spending in the menu (which is reached by clicking on the Hamburger icon in the top left) but not app shortcuts, so some things certainly do depend on which version of the OS you run. I would upgrade to 7.x but my phone currently only has 6.x available for this model/network provider/region (whereas my tablet from same manufacturer has 7.x but app won’t install on that model).

I am on 7.1.1 on a pixel XL… I also added the beta option for the monzo app…

As said… No app shortcuts or payments visible for me…

Don’t think App Shortcuts have actually been shipped yet…

Does Payments mean “Send money”?

@PhatPheddy App shortcuts haven’t be added yet, they’re on the way :slightly_smiling_face:

If by ‘Payments’, you mean ‘Send Money’, you can do this by clicking the plus in the red circle at the bottom right of your home screen. Simply select ‘Send Money’ from here and your contacts will appear. It’s pretty straightforward from there!


My bad - I thought we put the App Shortcuts in the beta already. In that case, it’s coming verrrrrrryyyyy soon :slight_smile:


ahh there it is…

As I am in a country where cards are not highly used and have the card loaded fairly well… not done a top up in a while.

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What are the priorities in the android app development though?

The shortcuts coming soon mentioned are great (UI/UX is important) and all. But the Android app only has about 5 pages apart from the main interface. I’ve just gone through it, and really, there doesn’t seem to be many places where an app shortcut will save more than 1 or 2 touches (which I guess shows that the UI is good in the first place).

In other thread I think Naji mentions how Monzo are prioritising things they think are useful. In another post in a thread a few days ago about exporting data he mentions a simple search may be added in the next few months.

Search was added to the “Near Term (next 3 months” list on the Trello board at the end of September. So it’s just gone 3 months now, and another few months obviously puts that further back.

Are app shortcuts really more of a priority than a search tool? Obviously I speak for myself here, but I think at this stage features would be more useful than smaller functional changes.

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