First Post - Iphone User

I just wondered why android seems to have more to offer than IPhone in regards to hiding pots etc.
I would so love that feature.

Please Monzo, give us some IPhone love.


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You could just upgrade your life by getting an Android phone. :grin::smile::joy::grin::grinning::rofl::+1:


Hi Nicola & welcome :wave:

Hiding & sorting pots on iOS is coming. It was originally to be at the start of the year but then was delayed until the end of Q1. We’re almost there now so unless another delay announcement is made, it should be soon.

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Non-App Parity really shouldn’t be a thing for a tech company/bank, many other firms acheive this so can’t see why Monzo dont.

I think its a cultural thing, they just dont like iOS @Britnick1972 (Well, some features came onto iOS first then android in fairness)


Hehehe been there done that never again lol :joy::joy::joy:

That’s brilliant news. I think for me it would mainly be the hiding pots that I’d like so that I’m not tempted to spend. Although I’d probably not be able to resist taking a peek :joy: also I’d like to put them in alphabetical order too.

Thanks for the reply!

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There is a wiki page in this forum that lists out the differences, Android are missing 13 features that iPhone users have so it works both ways.

Why on EARTH feature parity isn’t a thing is beyond me (and yes, that topic has been discussed to death but I’ll stand by the simple fact that plenty of other applications/banks seem to manage it)


I would see the following as rationale for this:

If a product team wants to try new ideas on customers, developing them simultaneously on two platforms - when they’re not sure what the appetite will be - is a waste on resources, that could be deployed trying other ideas.

Until appetite for the feature (or tweak to a feature) is proven, far better to devote only one of their iOS or Android teams to code it, and devote other developers to other features.

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Yes. I know, it’s been discussed to death elsewhere on this forum. Happy they develop things, but after that, there is no plan for parity. Other places do this well (build on one platform with a plan to roll out to the other ASAP afterwards), whereas Monzo just seems to be letting the gap grow and grow.

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