A list of things missing from the Android App

Here is list of things I’ve found to be missing from Android - I know there are already threads about parity and complains from other Android users but I just want to make sure we can keep track of things here and see pace of the development and how the the parity will actually take.
I also know some of these things are on Trello road map but I have seen them move about few times but not much of progressed.

  • Location-based security

  • Touch-ID app lock

  • Touch-ID for payments

  • Profile pictures

  • Targets (Surprised to discover that sneak peak for iOS was in July 2016!)

  • Pulse

  • Pots

  • Travel reports

  • Transaction feedback/reporting something wrong

  • Widget

Here some Monzo staff posts about this parity, some of them are very old unfortunately Monzo sort of missed their Android development targets quite a few time.

There are more but these just convey what I am trying to highlight. I know things take time and Current account release is most important bit at the mo. I also know Android has Android pay and Current accounts update was offered to Android users first so please don’t repeat these things. Also platform war is not an intention here. I only want to highlight this keep the debate open and give Monzo a gentle nudge :slight_smile:


The person in charge on Monzo has apparently switched to Android now if that makes you feel any better?

At the Glasgow meetup we were told that Monzo didn’t have the same number of Android developers as iOS developers until recently. In fact now they don’t even have an Android Team and an iOS Team, they had a restructure and they are all mixed together into different areas.

I think we Android users also have to give some appreciation to that Android development can be more difficult in certain areas due to the breadth of Android phones and technologies out there. An example we were given was with the video clip they used for authentication in the CA for new signups. Apparently it was fairly simple to implement on iOS but took a lot longer to get working on Android as there are so many different cameras out there on Android.


Very true about the camera. My friend has a Xaiomi phone and the camera didn’t work for the passport or recording. Had to message support who toggled a switch to allow him to use the native camera and import the video that way. Was a little janky but shows how much harder it is.

The something wrong? Tab is also missing on android that is where you were able to suggest a logo or improve a location of transaction, noticed having been on iOS to begin with, hope this feature comes to android…

Personally, I care about Pots, and maybe Targets from this list. And oh, Pulse can stay where it is! :smiley:

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Transaction feedback/reporting something wrong

Not only this but they don’t seem to use the same database. I submitted some a few days ago and the data and logo have been updated in iOS but still show the old data/no logo on Android.



Android doesn’t have the awesome Search Filters available on iOS

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I would really want to see some kind of response or at least an update on Monzo roadmap. It seems filters are not even on roadmap.

One thing that the Android app has that iOS doesn’t have is the ability to change the Reference for an incoming payment as it sees it as a ‘Note’. The original inbound payment was just “TRANSFER” because it’s a pain in the backside to change the Reference per payment with Santander (new OTP, etc)


I think this functionality might be by accident but I really hope they keep this feature!

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Your notification bar is giving me anxiety.


And charge your phone it’s only 9’o clock …

Someone might create a missing things thread for iOS now.

Sorry @iptoriga, I get that a lot!

@SC95, really having some trouble with my S8+ holding charge at the moment, it’s annoying me as much as you!

I may have already put the cat amongst the pigeons on that one as I pointed out the Android app has the new MasterCard logo and iOS doesn’t. Nice that it’s the only thing iOS users have to complain about!

That’s really interesting, as I thought I used to be able to do this on iOS, but a recent update that redesigned the transaction detail screen to look more like Android stopped it from being possible. Now I don’t know if I’m just imagining that I used to do this. Either way, it’s definitely not possible on the current version of the iOS app and I agree it would be extremely useful. I hope the Android app is a preview of what’s to come and not an accident that gets removed.

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Now that Current Accounts have been at least offered to all Prepaid users I would really like to see some work on parity.
I can understand things can get delayed but we really need to see some solid progress. I hope Monzo does not come up same old excuses again if @tom is really using only Android he must be a little bit annoyed as well :slight_smile:


+1 to this :frowning: Android is the dominant platform so it’s a real shame to see that essentially the majority of Monzo users are missing features… :confused:


Do you have stats on platform usage for Monzo? Can you share them, would be very interested to see!


At the Glasgow meetup they said that the majority of their users are iOS.

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Was that very recent?

21st November. Can’t see it being too different unless Santa Claus took a bung from Samsung.