Expedited delivery for debit cards

(Alex Sherwood) #16

Assuming that a trip to a Metro Bank branch will take around an hour, I’d still argue that this is competitive since an hour of your time is probably worth at least £5 - £10. Personally, I’d rather not have the hassle of having to visit a branch (& book an appointment, at least in some cases) either.

Either way, Monzo have been very clear about the fact that they won’t be setting up a branch network because as you hinted, the cost is considerable.

Jonas has mentioned that he’d like Monzo to implement this & we know that Monzo have been allocated enough virtual cards to enable it so hopefully this is only a temporary solution for Apple / Android Pay users, although obviously not all users will have access to that feature.

(Justin) #17


Thanks for asking. I agree with much that’s already been written. While I don’t think I’d need the card that urgently, it would be nice to be given the option.

For me the most ideal solution is that if I do lose my card and need a replacement:

  1. the new card details are communicated to me so I can I can continue shopping online until the physical card arrives
  2. Apple Pay or Android Pay continues to work (or I am re-provisioned with a new virtual card) - and to make my life easier, :monzo: temporarily increase my Apple Pay transaction limit, so (if I’m in the UK at least) receiving my replacement card is actually much less urgent

Not sure whether that last bit is technically feasible, but would be interested to hear your thoughts

(Rika Raybould) #18

While this may be mathematically true to many people, it’s generally a nice walk in to the high street and you get treated pretty well at Metro with no appointments needed, it’s also a lunch/dinner opportunity! I know Monzo certainly won’t be touching the branch model but on the level of my wallet, that’s who they’re competing against. I personally believe Metro and Monzo pair well together with Metro handling cash and cheques in a way Monzo won’t.

(Matt) #19

Personally I would be more annoyed that monzo couldn’t offer me anything apart from a 3/4 day delivery. I think having the option is good for people who really need it.

I think the £10 is fine, if someone is in an emergency chances are the won’t care about the fee as it’s not outrageous and there is a reason why the fee is there.

Does the fee have to be £5 or £10? Why not something in between.


I’m outside of London so it would be next day for me. I have no problem with the £10 fee. I would want my name on it, however if it’s an emergency then I guess I would live without.

That said, what would be an emergency? :thinking:

(Terry) #21

I’m not too sure how a card without a sort code, account number or name would work, would it just be a temporary card? Would you be able to invest in a card printing machine which can print a new card with the name and bank details on it? In that case, then I think a couple of ££ is a fair amount to pay for a next day delivery service and maybe £10 for the same day service, which I think is a little pricey, however I know it would be expensive for Monzo and I think it’s good to have the option in case I really needed a card the same day, for example, if I was going abroad in the morning. However, how much of London would you be able to cover, I’m in Essex but within the M25, would that still be covered?

I think that the dual card system that myself and some others have mentioned may be the better route to go down and cheaper for Monzo? I think it would also be a little more convenient as I know as soon as I get home after losing my card I have a spare one, all ready to go.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #22

For me my local Metro is a 5 min walk from my office so I just walk in there at the start of my lunch ask for a new card to be made up get some cash then collect it on my way back to work.

(Matt) #23

One example I can think of is losing for card before going away especially travelling for long periods!

Maybe you’ve lost your card and you have a hot date that you want to show it off to? :joy:

(Matt) #24

I really like the idea of having a spare that you could enable after freezing and declaring ‘lost’.

This would pretty much resolve the expedited delivery problem, unless someone lost 2 cards in a day or two :thinking::thinking:


I was thinking the holiday thing, but other cards would still be usable I guess just not at the same great rate as Monzo so yeah point made.

As for a hot date… would it be as hot as the coral coloured card :fire:

(James Billingham) #26

Yep. I just opened a Metro bank account for the purpose of having them work in tandem - so I can pay in cash etc at Metro Bank.

(Alex Sherwood) #27

Unfortunately it looks like this isn’t an option -

(Terry) #28

Ah I see, I didn’t know it was so strict! I also just read that sort codes and account numbers won’t be on any of the cards. So I guess nameless cards isn’t so much of a bad thing after all. However that being said, I still like the idea of having a ‘backup’ or ‘hot spare’ card to prevent myself needed to request a card with expedited delivery :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #29

About £7 seems pretty reasonable for same-day delivery - £10 seems like too much just for a letter.

For next-day delivery of an unpersonalised card, it should be free - sending a letter first class via Royal Mail is about 50p.

Having an in-house personalisation bureau is clearly the way to go though - hopefully within the next 6 months or so? Although the security requirements are stringent, it seems worth doing.

It’d also be great if it was possible to physically pop by the Monzo office to pick up an unpersonalised card - could even have a little vending machine outside available 24/7!

Having a hot spare does seem like a good idea too though

(Tom ) #30

I’d be happy to pay a tenner - but I can’t think of a reason I’d ever need this service. I’ve always had a couple of cards / accounts to fall back on.

(Alex Sherwood) #31

Following the comments about pricing, perhaps you could let us know whether Monzo will be charging a fee to simply cover the costs of posting the card, rather than to earn revenue (which is Revolut’s approach)?

I assume that the cost will vary but at least if Monzo is providing this service at cost, users can focus on what they’re prepared to pay, rather than what they should be paying.

(Nick) #32

No other “normal” bank charges a customer to be sent their bank/debit card.

(Alex Sherwood) #33

As far as I know, that’s correct. But for me, it’s not clear what point you’re trying to make there?

(Nick) #34

I was just commenting on what you said… “perhaps you could let us know whether Monzo will be charging a fee to simply cover the costs of posting the card”… no other banks (not in the 30+ years that I’ve had a bank account) charge to post out the debit card.

(Alex Sherwood) #35

Ah ok, I was referring to the cost of expedited delivery, I’m assuming that standard delivery will still be free.