Still not received my card and terrible customer service

Opend my monzo account last Thursday morning and still not received my card,I contacted customer service via the chat service on the app and someone called karlie replied back within 10 minutes sayin she will try and track it if not they will send a replacement,only thing is I need my card for Friday so I asked if there was any chance of sending one via special delivery,got another reply 10 mins later saying she has passed it on to someone who could help me better? Now been waiting nearly 2 hours and still no reply! Is this the norm to be waiting so long? Already regretting leaving my old bank…

Doubt you’ll get a replacement by Friday at this stage. Hopefully the first one will turn up tomorrow, it normally takes 2 or 3 days though

Any particular reason you need your new bank card by Friday?


I’m going away for the weekend,still no reply neither

Can’t imagine it would be easy as they’d need to contact the card manufacturer to try and find a solution

I’m not sure what Monzo’s usual turnaround is for issuing cards, but I wouldn’t open an account and have an expectation of a card arriving in less than a week with any bank.

In fact, it would probably be two weeks before I bothered querying it.

Disgraceful customer service.

Could you ask if they could allow the replacement to be added to Apple/google pay before you receive it?

Cards take up to 5 working days to deliver, just like most other banks. Where did you read that you would receive it quicker?

I’m gonna sound like a really horrid so and so now and I might be missing something blindingly obvious here, but I’m struggling to understand why, when you are going away and need access to money critically, are you relying on your new bank to deliver a card to you within a week.

Did you not aticipate this might be an issue and made sure you would have an alternative? What if its gone walkies in the post? That’s not Monzo fault.


The customer service isn’t great here because they haven’t explained why they’ve passed it on, but as another commenter has said, it’s a rather specialised request: Monzo (like almost all banks) issue their cards via a 3rd party (actually several) and so it’s not easy to even track down which supplier is printing your card, then finding it in the supplier’s system, physically retrieving it, taking it to a post office and sending special delivery. This is why the first customer services person has passed it on to their superior - to see if what you have requested is possible/achieveable/reasonable.

Their failing is in the lack of communication and delay in response (or lack communication of why there is a delay in response) rather than the delay in receiving a card.

Also, was it a CASS switch or is your old bank account still open? Can’t you use that card?

How is it terrible customer service when you haven’t waited 5 working days? You are currently on the 4th working day. Also, the process is quite complex as the supplier automatically sends the cards out. Im sure they are waiting for a response before they get back to you regarding special delivery. It’s unfair to say you regret leaving you old bank as Monzo hasn’t done anything wrong?



Fingers crossed it turns up tomorrow. If not there by COB tomorrow then yes, I’d complain.

Yeah they will likely ssend someone round the factory to see if it’s dropped off a conveyor belt somewhere, and then if they find it they’ll get Janine on reception to pop to the post office on her fag break to make sure you get it next day.