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So received my card this morning, even with the supplier issues it only took 4 days :slight_smile:

Soo question (particularly for monzonauts with knowledge), Why does it take my legacy bank over a week to get me a new card whereas it takes you two days?

Presumably, if they are fulfilled by the card supplier then the legacy bank should take roughly the same time.

Or just another example of legacy banks being inefficient for apparently no reason?


P.S: I know Metrobank can print cards instore (pretty cool)

Update: The question I was really
Going for was will the 2 working day ish card arrival time be likely to continue during full rollout or are monzo currently paying for an upgraded service so will slow down in future


It would have been even quicker if there wasn’t a hickup with something. (Can’t remember what.) Th cards are in stock and don’t currently need personalising so that takes a day or two off for sure.

To answer your ultimate question, Monzo are hoping to keep it to 2-3 business days.

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The cards are personalised though, mine has my (annoyingly long) formal name on it. Still arrived in four days :slight_smile:

And the signup was so much easier


Ah, my bad then! I have a 1st gen card so it’s blank. I would inagine they wanna keep it as quick as possible though.

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Lucky :slight_smile:

I hope they do keep the time down, I think it’s a massive plus point that when they rollout you could theoretically sign up and be using the account in 2 days, perfect for foreign students for example.


If I remember correctly, you’ll get a digital card to use with Apple/Android pay as soon as you sign up. May not be supported from the outset, but it’s planned.

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Mine arrived in 2 days, named and everything so it seems perfectly possible o achieve that sort of turn around in small quantities. Hopefully it scales well.

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Not all banks are slow. Also depends on what type of account you have with them. I always get my Amex card the next day if I ask for a replacement before 3pm and my NatWest card takes 2 days max (yes NatWest can be good at something :joy:)

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I’ve found the Lloyds group to be fairly slow, not recently had a Natwest card so I wouldn’t know.

Maybe you’re a more worthy customer than me @walderston :stuck_out_tongue:


Also Barclays can print cards in store too as you can choose custom designs my boyfriend got one on his legacy account.

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Ahh thats pretty awesome, seems like its only certain branches though, only works with accounts older than thirty days and there is a limit to two per person per year.

My guess would be that if they are limiting it, it might cost them as a bank a bit more than just posting (which is why you only get two a year). Did he get the pin at the same time?


No he was just updating old card as it was falling apart

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Still pretty awesome, my impressions of Barclays have improved :slight_smile:

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