Delivery time? 👀

I was bumped up the queue early last week after a mighty, relentless effort to sew the Monzo seed among my friends brains. I topped up the card prospectively, as is required, but I’m yet to receive the card approximately 10 days later. Now I’m £100 down and have a little too much month left at the end of my money… :skull: Can anyone share how long it usually takes for the card to arrive? :eyes:


Hmmm. That’s a lot longer than it should take. Can you contact support at and they’ll look into it.

That’s definitely too long! Please email us or drop me an email to and I’ll chase it up ASAP :slight_smile:

Thanks for your speedy reply - I just emailed you & Tristan!

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Great hopefully they can sort it out.

PS I don’t work for Monzo. :yum:

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Hey first post, hope you managed to get it sorted.

But dull question how do I even get a card…

Cheers all

Start by downloading the app and signing up, that’ll put you in the queue.

When you reach the front of the queue, you’ll be asked for more information and a £100 top up as a starting balance, then a card will be sent to you!

Thank you very much. Typical i’ve gone straight to the front of the queue.

I shall have to wait till payday & put some money in!

I hit the front of the queue last Friday lunchtime. I’d ordered the card by 3pm and received it the next day on Saturday. Fast service! Easily in time for my holiday to Munich Oktoberfest next week. Working great in the UK so far. :grinning:

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That is impressive. Took Natwest almost a week to send out a replacement card which was then closely followed by another one :joy:

We may or may not see an increase in delivery times after the full bank is launched and more people are using the service. But I’m sure they’ll try make sure the deliveries will be as quickly as possible.

Well added my initial deposit when my wages hit my account Friday morning.

This morning within 24 hours the little blue envelope hit the floor mat.

Really impressed