New Card Delivery - Can I get an Express?

Hi, I’ve just signed up for a new Monzo account and card, as is tradition you can’t go on holiday without sorting your money out last minute, does anyone know if I can find out how long it will take to get my card? And/Or if there is anyway I can get this expressed (I go away on Friday Morning) happy to pay for express delivery or processing…

Thanks so much in advance, from a very badly organised traveller!

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Every time I’ve had to request a new card, it’s arrived within 48 hours - I imagine you’ll get it well in time for your travels :slight_smile:

Yeah, same here, our cards arrived the next day I think!

However, I don’t think there is a way to ask for express delivery. I’d suggest dropping COps a message in-app chat to see if they can see progress??

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Welcome to the community @KarenWright :wave:

Monzo doesn’t provide an express option, but Monzo cards do typically arrive exceptionally fast by default. If you’ve ordered it already, I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrived tomorrow or Thursday.

I think it’s very likely you’ll have the card by Friday. I’ve ordered probably 10 cards over the years and they’ve all arrived within two days.


Thank you all for the responses, thats one less thing to stress about! Phew!


Don’t forget you can also setup google pay / Apple Pay within the app and use it instantly.