Error when authenticating mobile phone when logging in

Keeps throwing a red screen stating - “Something went wrong…” -
Email and phone number are correct, gives error when entering the verification code, tried multiple times
Also uninstalled app, rebooted phone twice and re-installed, same issue.

Any ideas please? As need to get to account by tomorrow

iOS 12.x
iPhone 8


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Same issue here when attempting to authenticate account.

iPhone XR
Latest version of Monzo app

Ah interesting must be a bug in the app then. cheers

This is the error I’m getting Mark, is it the same?

Yes and i found out that i was using thw wrong bloody email address
It still tried to log me in with the wrong email - doh

used original email and all is OK

If you email they should be able to help you

Edit: or double check the email first :grin:

Just dropped them an email, I had an account a while back before current accounts were available but changed emails since. I have the same mobile number so I’m presuming it’s picking it up as already registered.

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Yes, that’s happened before. They’ll be able to sort that :+1:

Thanks, fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Just an FYI (which might be helpful for anyone finding this post in the future)

If you already have an account with us and you’re trying to login, and you get promoted to enter your phone number, this always means you have entered the wrong email address. Always.

The phone number prompt only ever occurs on the sign-up flow, when entering an email not already tied to an account.


Thanks for this. I’ve included it in the ‘login/access issues’ wiki too;