[iOS] Updated App and now I can't verify Phone Number

Issue:I updated my app and have to re-log in. When I get to the verification of my phone number; The code is texted to me, I copy it into the app press enter then the app says “something went wrong” I have tried multiple times. Closed the app and reopened. deleted the app and re-downloaded. The code comes to my phone instantly and I copy it over exactly and "something went wrong"

Details to reproduce:
Device:iPhone X
App Version:2.64.0


You’re using the wrong email address to login. Make sure you’re using the email you created your Monzo account with.


Thank you!
What a terrible design that the app doesn’t just tell you it is the wrong email address rather then making you go through the whole process and making it look like its the phone number that is wrong.

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You’re welcome. Yeah, it’s a pain but it has a somewhat valid reason for being that way. I believe it prevents people scanning random emails for Monzo linked addresses as easily.

Same way most websites won’t tell you specifically if it was your username or password you got wrong or right - it just says either or.

It also got rid of the two options of Login/Create Account which created it’s own problems (people couldn’t figure out which to choose :man_shrugging:).

Hopefully it’ll be revisited as it’s something that regularly pops up on here.

I opened an account but closed it. I have changed my mind now but when trying to open an account it will not verify my phone number. I got the code but every time I enter it I just get the message something went wrong. Can anyone help

When did you close it? You need to wait 30 days after losing before you can reopen it

You will need to email help@monzo.com to reopen it as your details are still associated with the closed account

It’s been well over 30 days. I will email them and ask them to reopen the account. Thanks for your help

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You can phone them as well may be a quicker option.