Cant verify my phone number

I cant use the app at all. The app asks me which phone number I want to use, it then texts me a code, but everytime I enter the code I get the message “Somthing went wrong. Sorry we couldn’t verify your phone number. Try again”

Driving me crazy!!!

Hi there Peter,

This error always happens because you are attempting to login with a different email address to the one that you originally registered to your account.

The login flow for existing account holders won’t ask for a phone number at all - only an email.

I’d advise going through your inbox for previous login emails to check which email address your account is registered to.


I have just tried my other email address and got the message “email not found”. It doesn’t do this when I try the first email address.

Could you please email us to and include your phone number in the message?

Not sure about the “email not found” message :thinking: but the “cannot verify” message 100% means that your phone number is already tied to a different email.

I had this issues and for me what it was is become I was with monzo in the beta and my number was listed so I used another number it get going the chatted with them and they sorted it I had to prove Id but they change my number over.

Putting in a different number will not get you into your account. I personally wouldn’t suggest this.

I think he’s talking about registering for an account for the first time

I’ve read it a few times now and I think I finally understand what he is trying to say :sweat_smile:

Because he was in the beta he got this error as his number was on file, so he signed up for a new account with a different number and then had CS migrate his old account.

If that’s right I don’t think that’s any better either :confused:

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This is what happened to me I was in the beta but then monzo update to a bank I never update with it but I re singed up and it would not take my phone number I had a chat with support and they sorted it just used an other number and when account was open support sorted it.