Can't log in to app

I can’t log in to my account . the app is asking for my phone number i’m giving it my phone number , i’m then receiving the code and entering it then it says something went wrong we couldn’t verify your phone number.

Make sure you’re using the correct email you signed up to Monzo with/the one associated with your account. You’re being asked for your phone number because you’re using an email address that is not linked to a Monzo account.

You are using an incorrect email address.

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i’m not using the wrong email, i’m getting an email from monzo and then using the link, someone elses mobile number is populating the app then i’m having to enter my proper phone number , then i receive the code and it doesn’t connect.

You’ll need to contact Monzo, then.

Yes, you’re getting emails to the email account you’re entering now, but it’s not the one linked to your bank account if you can’t remember the right email address you used initially


Hi there @Shambob1874 :wave:

As per the previous posts, if the app is prompting you for your phone number then this means you are logging in with the wrong email.

When you log in with the correct email, you will not get prompted for a phone number at all.