How you could save up to £259 on your energy bills

You should probably add to the blog that this doesn’t apply to users in Northern Ireland


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But by switching energy supplier through Monzo, you could stand to save money.

By switching via almost any comparison site or with a friend’s referral code too.

I thought octopus did £50 referral bonus

I’d like to see more transparency around the fact that Monzo gets some commission from every switch made. Its not mentioned at all in the article and doesn’t feel that this matches the transparent principles of Monzo.
Use as an example of that kind of transparency.

I recall I was informed by :monzo: who got what during my switch to :octopus: back in February. There were no hidden surprises at all, everything was presented up-front and during the switch through the :monzo: app. It was a refreshing experience to be honest.

No complaints with the UX (which is very good), but there’s no mention of the commission paid to Monzo anywhere along the journey or in the blog post.
That’s the transparency I’m looking for.

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It may be that the commission differs with each 3rd party deal and so it would be difficult to give an exact amount other than when the switch initially starts in-app with a chosen 3rd party.

But you’re right - at least a blanket statement about :monzo: getting commission from switches should be in that blog post.

First page of the switch flow:

“And so you know, we earn a commission too.”

Quite clear to me.

I guess the value of it depends on the chosen supplier so isn’t listed at this point. I’m not switching just to see if it’s provided anywhere!

I never even read that!
To be honest I was expecting it to be drawn out more than that. A separate pane of the walkthrough and a line as you progressed along the journey would have helped.
Ultimately this is a sponsored feature, so I’d expect them to ensure that customers are more aware of this (and ideally consent to it)