Email Service Providers

What email providers do you all use? Are there any that are just really “pleasant” to use?

I was thinking about how nice Monzo is, the app is nice, it’s easy to use, friendly looking and generally simple but powerful, and wondered if there are any email providers similar?

I’m sensing it’ll just be Gmail to the front…

I do use Gmail but I use Inbox by Gmail on my phone. The app is really good and groups emails together by type.


Gmail personally and Migadu for freelance work and other projects.

I tried Inbox and couldn’t quite get into it. Maybe I should give it another go.

I started using it mainly because I wasn’t getting notifications on the normal Gmail app. One thing I like is that if you travel it groups all emails into that “Trip”. So my recent “trip” includes the flights, hotel and car park emails etc.

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Gmail for both my gmail account and my domains emails


I have my own domain which sits on O365 Biz Prem which I use for day to day stuff with people/companies I know and this is run through Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook iPhone. No issues with it at all

I have 2 gmail addresses, one proper one with my name I use for companies I semi trust as I don’t really check it and one for companies I don’t as I never check both through web

I also have one Yahoo for things like forums I’d used every now and then again through web

Finally I use disposables for who are you signups and testing.

+1 for that.

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Office 365 and the standard mail client on iOS and Mac. Works perfectly for my needs. :+1:t2:

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I like Outlook but I don’t like the ad on the side :frowning:

Which ad? Office 365 is paid and ad-free.



Ah I thought you meant the Outlook part of the Office suit. I don’t want to pay for it :slight_smile:

Did you mean email client like Inbox/Spark/Edison Mail?

Or a provider like GMail, Outlook, Yahoo etc?

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Still haven’t found anything better that isn’t Electron crap. here :wave:

Although I never use the web interface I find it very clean and simple. Also never had any issues!

I find gmail a bit cluttered

I use native mail app on all my apple devices. It serves the basic purpose I need

Outlook for Mac is pretty good as is Outlook for iOS

Much prefer them then the native versions tbh

I’m with Rjevski here. I’m also with Apple native mail because nothing else has me convinced

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Outlook for Mac is quite resource heavy. Maybe if you’re a power user spending your entire day in email it would make sense to use it, but for me the default client is good enough.

Spark made by Readdle is a good alternative for macOS, thats what I use instead of the native client.

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