Edison Mail comes to macOS 📨

Anyone gonna check this out?

Their mobile app is pretty good, so this might be worth a look.


I love the iOS app, waiting rather impatiently for MacOS beta access.

I saw that the first wave of invites went out today so fingers crossed it won’t be long.

I use Edison Mail for my iPhone much prefer it over the standard apple one :point_up: also with their latest couple of updates it’s getting smarter and smarter, personally I love the fact I don’t have to check my
Sent box no more a notification on the inbox pops up at the top genius :brain:

Don’t have Mac sadly

Just got the iOS app and it looks great! Love how it sorts travel & packages automatically.

Will be trying out the Mac app now too

Another great recommendation from the Monzo community :+1:t3:

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Has anyone here used Inbox by Gmail before? I miss it so much and have been looking for an alternative on parity or as much on parity as possible. Is Edison good for that?

I used to. I changed to Spark by Readdle, but tend to use the stock Gmail app these days.

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I tried Spark as well but couldn’t get into it. So I am using Gmail exclusively.

Used Inbox from the day 1 beta until it got shuttered. Loved it.
Begrudgingly returned to the stock Gmail app, but at least they added snooze to it, so I can use it almost as quickly as Inbox in my workflow.

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Snooze is great. But I also miss the envelopes.

I miss the ability to add notes to emails - that was a great feature.

Does Edison have customisable ‘Snooze’? It’s the one feature that keeps me with Spark.

Usage: I attend a lot of gigs, so I store the emails for those (if etickets) via Snooze to pop into my Inbox again on the afternoon of the gig.

Yes it does, lots of snooze options on email, highly customisable

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Yep it does have snooze can even add it to your quick actions too like slide right for example to snooze

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Might need to check it out then (I’m a sucker for a good email app!)

Me too.

I use to use one Called Newton Mail (Previously Cloudmagic) and it was fantastic, unfortunately it closed down, a year later another company bought the codebase and put it live again but it’s just not the same. I used Spark from that point on until I discovered Edison, i love it.

A total sucker for a great email app.

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Me too, I loved CloudMagic!

It was the best! I was so sad when they closed it down. I refuse to pay the amount the new company want to charge for Newton Mail as it never seems to get updated and communication looks poor.

It’s such a shame.

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Dang it, Snooze isn’t customisable (only three presets which have to be set in advance), so it’s a no go for me. Looks lovely though but I’ll stick with Spark.

There should be a 4th option that says ‘Pick Date and Time’ ?

:man_facepalming: :ok_hand:

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