✅ [Email] Not receiving magic link emails

I first had this problem a couple of months back and still haven’t solved it :frowning:

I am using Outlook and am requesting a magic link to log on to Monzo. Unfortunately nothing is being received, not even to junk. The Monzo domains are all on my safe senders list also.

Please help!

I am using the latest android version on a Pixel 3

Thank you

I’m sure I remember seeing something about them having issues with @btinternet.com email addresses, do you have one of those at all?

I don’t. Just an outlook address

Check junk - For me on outlook it most Monzo emails use to end up in Junk.

Apologies - I know this is a really obvious question, but have you double checked that Monzo has your correct email address?

Yeahh. I’ve been emailing somebody from Monzo. Also, when logging into the app it asks for my email address and in return sends me an email with a magic link. I’m just not receiving that link!

Hi was this ever sorted out?
I am having the same issue I have an outlook account and I have not received the email.
spent 5 days emailing and tweeting and they haven’t help me at all


Hi @wadsy86 & welcome :wave:

Can you successfully log into the emergency web interface (web.monzo.com) using a computer on which you can also access your email account?

thanks just tried that it say it We’ve sent you a magic link but it still hasn’t come through.

I have just had a similar experience , my feed said poor connection so I logged out , and waited for the ‘magic link’ - Monzo said link sent open email - opened my email on my phone - no email , checked junk , no email on my phone (iPhone 6 ) waited for a couple of minutes , nothing - logged in to my email on my computer MacBook air and the email was sat in my junk folder , moved it on my computer to my inbox and it imeadiately appeared on my phone in the email inbox …weird …tapped the link , straight in to the account

It sounds like email receipt (lack of or intermediate processing to junk/spam) is the issue here.

LIke @iansilversides has described, it’s worth having a dig around. Is it a personal outlook address or a work/365 outlook address?

Its a work account im try to set it up with though when it didn’t work I also tried with my personal gmail and had no email there either checked junk folders too

They have just got back to me, said they have changed something and to try again I tried with my work email account again but it didn’t work so tried with my gmail account again and this time it worked



Thanks for the update - good to know you have access!

Personally, I’d be more comfortable with a personal email used by Monzo (which is in my total control) - for future issues where you need to login again.

from memory there was a message previously on the forum where somebody had used a work email and then left the employer and couldn’t get access to their account without a lot of hassle / change