Best iOS Email App?

I’m VERY picky about emails.
I can only use Outlook on my Windows PC. That’s final. However, the Outlook app on iOS is junk.
I’ve tried Spark, Email by Edison and of course the standard app that comes with all Apple devices however I’m really not bonding with any of them. I’ve heard about Canary but not sure also the £9.99 price tag makes me want to make sure its worth it. What email app do you use on your iDevice?

I use gmail app and add my Exchange emails to it also, not a fan of any of the others.

You get what you pay for. Do you care about data mining of your email or is that not a concern? What do you need?

What exactly don’t you like about outlook?

Outlook for iOS is my favourite mail client - clean, easy, intuitive.


I use spark but in the past I’ve used outlook. I would be interested to know as well why the original poster didn’t get on with outlook or spark.


I’ve tried most of the ‘best of’ email apps over the past few years, many are now defunct! Every time a new app comes out I give it a spin.

Spark for me wins purely because you can Snooze emails for a custom date any time in the future. Other apps have snooze functionality but some seem to limit you to six months, others only allow their choices. So try as I might, I always go back to Spark. I try and aim for Inbox Zero and mostly achieve that, with a lot of the Snoozed emails being upcoming gigs/events!

It syncs well with Spark on my MacBook too.

Anyway, what are your requirements? What is most important to you?


I too was a spark fan…until iOS 13 and dark mode…

I’ve tried a lot of different apps, some defunct over the years. Here’s what I found;

Outlook - Brilliant, use for work email

Apple default mail app - this is often overlooked, and in my opinion, wrongly. Clearly, integrates well and is one of the best “in house” email apps that I’ve used

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Spark on IOS took forever to update. I’d be waiting forever for an email to land in my inbox compared to outlook.

I deleted it and went with outlook.

I’m interested in other recommendations too.

I use Outlook on iOS because it’s one of the few that supports alias’ for email accounts. I wish iOS had the ability to add exchange alias’ in the stock Mail app as I’d be using that.

I mostly use the default one. Ive never been able to fully get along with the alternatives, which often have some very suspect privacy policies. That being said, I do use the Outlook app solely for my University email address and it is ok. But I still prefer the default one overall, despite its shortcomings.

I use GMail, (Android User), but I used to use Samsung’s Default Email App, I changed Samsung Phone’s and just thought I would just start using one Email App. Didn’t see the point it having GMail and Samsung Email on the phone doing the same job, so I de-installed Samsung App, and just use one Email App now.

Within GMail you can snooze too.

I like Canary, they’re running an open beta I believe, so if you have a look through their Twitter feed you might find the TestFlight link.

My recommendations would be Spark or Canary, if you want something other than stock.

In all honesty though, I always find myself going back to stock iOS Mail. It works solidly, integrates with iOS (naturally!), and I don’t really use any of the bells and whistles like Snooze.

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Actually, forgot to mention Airmail…

But, since it’s got better and keeps on doing it, I’m going to come off the fence and say, having tried a number over the years, that the default iOS app is the best I’ve used

Didn’t Airmail just go subscription? I’m sure I saw something about that, removing features?


Downloaded Airmail (after a while of not using) and yes, it’s changed a bit. There is a lot of free features, but yeah they’ve gone down the subscription route for some features, dark mode etc.

I could’nt get it to work on iOS 13 beta, so deleted.

EDIT: Apparently, this change has not been well received. It did have around a 4 star rating, but since the subscription it’s been getting 1/2 stars from disgruntled customers.


Yeah but the snooze options in Gmail aren’t as extensive as Spark (or at least they weren’t when I last looked).

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I stopped using airmail due to the subscription and I am new using beta canary which i like.

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I use the GMail app for my Gmail account and my various IMAP accounts, and the Outlook app for my university email (which doesn’t work with the Apple Mail app - it just won’t let me login. I think it’s a configuration issue on the Exchange server side).

It’s a bit annoying having two apps, but it works relatively well for my use case.

I like others have bounced around the best of email apps, I used airmail for a couple of years, I loved googles inbox (until they closed it down) I went to newton (cloud magic) and loved how that could be used across all platforms, but the problem I find is the iOS stock mail app is just so nice to use, mails load super quick, attachments work, most the time.

It’s difficult to truly replace it.

My recommended are
Newton Mail - it’s expensive but worth it
Apples stock app - simple and easy to use
Spark - great app… very questionable privacy policies

On my Mac outlook on my iPhone built in iOS mail app