Advice please! Webmail / domain hosting

Hey all! :wave:

I’m in the market for a new hosted provider for webmail. I think I’m looking for:

  • Hosting a personal domain (primarily for email)
  • A decent, responsive webmail service (with the usual IMAP, POP3, SMTP etc)
  • A service based in the EU (physically and legally)
  • 2 factor authentication (for each email account and for the hosting account)
  • Preferably a (monthly/yearly) charge per domain, not per email account. The cost of the likes of Google add up quickly…
  • Ethical approach

Happy to consider other options, or trade some of these off if there are good solutions I wouldn’t otherwise be considering…

Any thoughts, forum folks? :smiley:

Gandi ( are pretty good. They don’t match all the requirements, but hit a fair few.


I use Migadu for some of my own domains as well as managing it for some of my freelance customers.

Only thing it doesn’t have is two factor for email login, just the management interface (I think).

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I use at the moment not had an issue with them been really good and reliable. My hosting was with another company who were a local Glasgow hosting provider but since been bought/merged with Krystal.

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DNSimple is good for domains.

For email I use Office 365 but I heard good things about FastMail too.


Yep, I can help with Web hosting & Office 365 Business email. Drop me a PM to discuss your needs.

PS I do own a Hosting company just in case you were wondering.

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Gandi are excellent for domains, although their web mail interface is a little flakey.

Fastmail are excellent for mail hosting, although they’re not EU based (Australian HQ and worldwide hosting).

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I use Freeola. They are very cheap, although their webmail is a bit rubbish, but good enough. You can use them through any client if you prefer. It’s the same company as Special Reserve, if you remember buying games from there mail order as a kid :wink:


I use them for domains, VPS and reseller hosting. They’re fantastic :slight_smile: :+1:


Nativespace is worth a look :slightly_smiling_face:


I use for my needs but there American. But I am thinking of switching to office 365.

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I use them as a reseller, they are good :slight_smile: but they don’t use O365 so I have a reseller account with Microsoft that allows me to sell Office 365 to my clients, and of course provide them with support.

Feel free to look up my site (link in my profile) for Office 365 products :slight_smile: is a great product,. They’ve kind of ruined their reseller hosting product recently but individual/corporate packages they are one of the best in my opinion.

For email you should seriously consider Office365. You can choose where to host the email and they do have a UK data centre option now.

Just in response to some of your points though:
2 factor authentication (for each email account and for the hosting account)
Microsoft Offer this as do Gandi. Gandi don’t offer it on their individual email accounts (yet… though I hear Yubikey is on it’s way)

Preferably a (monthly/yearly) charge per domain, not per email account. The cost of the likes of Google add up quickly…
I think (and it’s just my professional opinion not a slight on your request) you’ll struggle to find this. Gandi for example do offer some free mailboxes with their basic domain package but once you need more almost every provider I know of will charge per mailbox.

This is very true, with Microsoft you can buy the licenses you need from 1 upwards, so although it is per mailbox, if you know how many you need and factor that in you will know your monthly cost. However, little trick here. If you buy a license for 1 mailbox (package), you can then have a number of shared mailboxes on the same domain (free). These are on Business Packages.

Proton mail supports custom domains and is based in Switzerland (not EU, but a very has very strong privacy legislation nonetheless).

I like ProtonMail. I’ve had the visionary subscription for my personal domain for two years now. Well worth €288 per year.

Actually is the one service that goes against what I said earlier and charges a flat fee for a fixed amount of email accounts

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180 EUR to transfer my domain to Gandi :joy_cat:

Ouch! Don’t think any of the domains I sell cost that much!

I have my own domain but I have that registered with TSO which I never move to a new host. As I can change the name servers etc with them if I change web hosts etc.