Duplicate direct debits

Hi been full Monzo for about a month now. All my direct debits were set up ages ago and came out fine. But since then I keep getting “your direct debit has been setup” notifications so I have duplicates in my direct debit list. Why is this happening please because it’s becoming to get a bit annoying. Thanks.

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Did you use CASS or manually set up your DDs?

Used CASS.

Then I think the explanation Andy gave here is still valid:

Some companies have likely chosen to use a new direct debit mandate instead of replacing the details on your existing mandate. On most billing systems I’ve ever worked on you can only have one mandate active per customer for any given effective date so its unlikely you’ll be double charged and you’re protected in the event of that happening (including any fees incurred I believe).

Edit: Also at least with Monzo you can see your DDs the day before they are taken. So you can get in touch with support on an urgent ticket if you see duplicate pending collections.


I had the same thing happen (I mentioned it on another thread)

I think what was most confusing is that if some companies were to re-setup the DD, I would have thought this would have happened before the first DD payment from my Monzo acc to them.

Instead, CASS was completed, I got notifications about all my DDs being set up, then all DDs were taken successfully, then… a couple of weeks later, I get notification of 2 more DDs (duplicates) being set up with 2 of the companies who had already successfully set up then taken DDs since the CASS.

A tad confusing.

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I wouldn’t get in touch with support over duplicates when the solution is simple, I also wouldn’t categorise this as urgent either! :confused:

This happened to me and I contacted support and this is how they advised to resolved it. Leave all the direct debits as they are until a date where they should have all been collected. E.g. I have all mine setup to be taken out on the 1st of every month so check a few days after that.

You will then see that the amount is next to those that have been taken. You can then delete the duplicate ones that have no amount next to them. :tada:

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Yep. That’s exactly the same as me. Over the next few months if some remain unused I will delete them. Hopefully they won’t keep using one and then the other or that would be a bit of a problem.

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I think the poster was saying get in touch urgently if they appear to be coming out your bank account twice. Not because of the duplicates in the list :slight_smile:

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I might be wrong but I think swok1080 meant that if you see 2 DDs (with one being a duplicate) in your upcoming feed for the next working day to be taken from the acc, to raise an urgent ticket with support - as in that scenario it would be kind of urgent.

I’m sure it’s not technically possible for a company to have 2 DDs against the exact same account with them anyway, so I don’t imagine this issue would arise.

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Absolutely right, edited for clarity.


I’ve just re-read the reply and perhaps he did :slight_smile:

This is what I believe to be true also, so I wouldn’t worry about that aspect :slight_smile:

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I go this problem today. I used CASS a couple of months ago and today got notified of 8 “new” duplicate DDs setup. I guess I can delete them, but I need to check with Monzo Support first.

I’m still not sure why this happens. Even worse in your case of 8 a few months after. The companies can’t all be resetting them back up. That’s too much of a coincidence for them all to be done at the same time.


I agree. The last payments for the originals went out on Monday this week. I doubt they would’ve sent through an instruction to setup a new DD already. I’ll try and contact Monzo Support again for some help.

Let me know what they say please and I will contact them then.

I agree, it’s too much of a coincidence that more than one company would set up the DD at exactly the same time, which is how it happened with me also.

The companies in question had no knowledge of the DD being re-set up when I contacted them, and Monzo support assured me it was nothing from their end, so it remains a mystery.

I’d really like to get to the bottom of exactly why this happens - not us just guessing but a real answer.

This is also not just Monzo CASS moves. It happens with conventional banks too!

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No doubt. I wouldn’t have thought it was specific to Monzo.

I got a reply this morning. They said to leave them duplicate dds until the next payment has gone through then delete them. They didn’t say why they were added in the first place though.

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