Was notified earlier about 8 new duplicate DDs setup on my account!

I did a current account transfer a couple of months ago and all seemed to go well. But today a whole bunch of what look like duplicate DDs were setup on my account for no obvious reason. I guess I can delete them but I want to leave them in case Support want to check them. I sent a chat message but have not yet had a reply. They seem very busy lately.

Anyone else experience anything similar??

edit: the company the DDs are for say it the instruction didn’t come from them!

There are many reasons why a new direct debit can be created, sometimes merchants create new ones for CASS. Last week ovo energy created a new one for me as they moved me on to their new billing system. Don’t delete any direct debits to ensure you don’t miss any payments and have late payment fees or impacts to your credit file. Let them process as normal for the first couple of payments. If you get multiple payments for the same direct debit trying to be taken then flag it up to Monzo support to investigate. You’re covered by the direct debit guarantee in the event of any issues

Thanks, sounds sensible advice. There have been 2 payment runs on the original DDs already so I was surprised to see the duplicates. I guess I’ll leave them and see what happens in a month.

The worst thing to do is cancel any and risk not paying a bill. As I say if they try and take multiple payments the guarantee will ensure you get the funds back. This is probably one of the “problems” of Monzo notifications. With a legacy bank you’d probably have never seen this happen even though would have. But we are much more aware of it with Monzo notifications