Direct Debits Mysteriously Disappearing

So twice in the past month I’ve had a letter from a company (two different ones) alerting me to my direct debit to them being cancelled.

I didn’t do this.

The first time I thought it was a blip, but I got a letter from my water company today saying the rain it was cancelled was “1 - instruction cancelled by payer”. As I said I’ve not touched them myself.

The direct debits have been taken fine in the past.

I’m onto this with the app chat already, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem too?


Have you recently switched using the CASS?

I’ve had this with PayPal a couple of months after I used CASS but not with any others :thinking: a few others created new DDs as per their own processes when you use CASS

Depends what you mean by recently. I switched over in November using CASS and the direct debits switched over correctly and have been claimed multiple times since then.

Then one was cancelled without my input on 28th December and the other on 21st January.

It’s possible it’s CASS related but difficult to tell at this stage.

Reason code 1 is as you say cancelled by payer this is usually sent by the bank (Monzo) but should only be sent in the BACS file when you instruct them to cancel the DD.

Hopefully Monzo will shed more light on it

I’ve had it happen a couple of times now. It just turned into a blame game of each side blaming the other. Never had it happen before moving them to Monzo though.

Which is what happened the first time so I just accepted it and set up a new DD. But to then happen again 3 weeks later seems like more than a coincidence (though I accept I may just be unlucky!).

Yes I had the same situation with my MBNA companion credit card

So is it only CASSd Direct Debits that are disappearing or has anyone lost a ‘native’ one?

Mine were set up directly.

Would Bacs be able to provide an independent statement if the bank actually sent a cancellation request or if they never forwarded any cancellation request?

I think I may have figured out what happened here.

The two companies whose direct debits have disappeared were Creation Finance and Northumbrian Water, neither of which had a logo in my feed. I submitted a logo suggestion for each which were sorted out.

But after it was sorted, there were 2 direct debit entries in my scheduled payments for each company. I waited for the next DD to come out to see which ones were ‘live’ and cancelled the duplicate entries that had not had money collected against them.

I’m wondering if this triggered a cancel request with each company from Monzo and they cancelled the ‘live’ direct debits.

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That happened with my when I cancelled a duplicate DD from my energy supplier. I hadn’t submitted any logo corrections or anything, but after CASS to Monzo completed, I had a successful DD from my energy supplier come out of Monzo.

1 month later however, a duplicate DD set up was showing on my Monzo account. I waited until the following month to see which one the DD was actually taken from, then cancelled the other one (the duplicate) as I was advised to do by Monzo.

Somehow this resulted in completely cancelled my DD with the energy company even though I cancelled the one that no payment was being taken from. Had to set the DD from scratch again.



We might have a trend! Do you mind if I send your reply to the COP in my app chat so they can see if it’s a common issue?


Yeah that’s ok :blush:

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So we’ve figured it out.

When a duplicate DD is deleted / cancelled it sent that to the company, who then cancelled the live one as well.

So I’m not sure what the advice is if you ever have a duplicate DD, whether Monzo can remove it without it triggering a cancellation or if you just have to live with it as you risk cancelling the live one :man_shrugging:t5:


Not all companies will cancel it though. I’ve cancelled a few duplicates and not had this issue. The problem is the company is receiving a cancel instruction on the relevant BACS file but not cross checking the DD reference to see if it’s live on their system. They are just cancelling whatever is live regardless.

Yep seems like the issue of duplicate DDs need looked into more so sound advice can be given. Wouldn’t like to just leave it as having to have multiple DDs for the same company in the payments tab.

I had a similar problem with my Barclaycard DD randomly cancelling itself. Barclaycard blamed Monzo, Monzo blamed Barclaycard. I never managed to get anywhere with it, so just end up paying the bill manually now. Plus I never used CASS, so that wasn’t my issue

I’m really sorry to hear about issues with so many people :disappointed:

There was a specific case I remember where the merchant cancelled the instruction and told the customer we had done so. It took a lot of investigation but we were eventually able to get the accurate information to the customer :pray:

If you have had issues with this please do raise it with us again. We can check the messages that have been sent to work out when and why the instruction was cancelled :+1:

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