Multiple Direct Debits from Same Company

Morning all,

We are having issues whereby sometimes Monzo wont allow multiple direct debits with the same company.

We have two holidays with Tui. One is paid by Direct Debit and the other has to be paid manually as it wont allow setup of the second. We have the same issue with our car service plans.

Is this a Monzo problem or with our providers?

Each direct debit will have it’s own unique reference number so I can’t see why Monzo won’t allow two with the same name. They will use the number to differentiate :confused:

If you scroll to the bottom of the direct debit it should show you the number. You can then check if they’re the same or not.

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I’m inclined to say it’s an issue with the company…

I have three direct debits to one pet insurance provider.


Yeah i thought as much. Question is how do i get these problems sorted? They also keep cancelling a direct debit we set up for car insurance for no reason.

What have they said in app? Seems like the error is probably in the way the company are setting it up

Monzo just said they need to update thier software. We told the car service plan company to do that and that now works. Not quite so simple with a company the size of TUI.

However the O2 one i have no idea how to sort and Monzo are being extremely slow and coming back to me.

I have two with O2 since that’s how they do their plans (one for phone one for plan) so it must be a company issue.

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