Dublin, is Monzo available?


I’m student abroad in Dublin (I come from France) and this year I planned to travel a lot (Iceland, England…), since one year I follow Monzo, and I would like to know if as student it is possible to have a card in Dublin even if I have to pay mail post fee?

Thank you a lot!

The FAQ does not really answer this directly but implies UK only:

"Will you be offering business / international / joint accounts?

For now, we’re focussed on UK personal current accounts…"

I’ve heard Monzo are currently testing EU cards, but I’m not sure of the details. My recommendation would be to get support via either in-app chat or email at help@monzo.com

Also, for general travel advice using Monzo, you can check here -

I doubt you’ll have many problems not already discussed using your card in England, but in any case wherever you take it it’s recommend to always carry a backup card while its in beta. You probably won’t experience many issues in Iceland either, but better check the topic below -