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I just got my monzo current account card and have made my First deposit and everything is working like a dream so far! Really excited to switch my bank over to my monzo account!

So I’m Going to Portugal on Monday and was hoping to use my current account card over there as my main card. I did notice in the “known issues” section is states
"Payments to countries outside of the UK are not supported yet."
Does this mean I can’t use the card abroad to withdraw cash and make payments or does this mean I can’t make payments to overseas companies from the UK? Apologies if this is a stupid question or if it has been covered before!

Thanks for your help!


Heya, I’ve been using my card in the US for the past month and there are no problems at all. My understanding is the no international payments are to do with sending money abroad. That’s all. Have fun in Portugal.


This just means wire transfers (SEPA) outside the UK are not supported - the debit card is fine.


It is just sending an international transfer by SEPA, SOFORT, SWIFT etc, not to do with card use


As others have stated, this is just international transfers from Monzo to Rest of the World bank accounts. For example, I have an Irish Bank €uro Current Account and I can’t transfer direct to it from Monzo (UK current account). Yet, I can use my Monzo current account on Continental Europe at tills and ATMs.

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