Parcelforce Delivery Times

Can they vary one day to the next ?
Had a delivery via parcelforce yesterday, they sent a text at 830 giving a timeslot and I received it at 10

Got another coming today but haven’t received any texts or the item, Online tracking says Your parcel has been assigned to its delivery route in preparation for our driver taking it out for delivery.

And it has said this since 7 this morning.

It is a pre 12oclock service so is guaranteed to be here before midday but wondering why it hasn’t shown up yet and why i didnt receive a text

It’s still not " out for delivery "

What did Parcelforce say?

i’ll do that now


They’re saying it’s on the van and will be here before 12. Doubt it.

Parcel force are quite bad in that way.

Their tracking/scheduling system is rubbish.

still not here

It’s still before 12


Keep posting here I’m sure Monzo can fix it for you :stuck_out_tongue:


edge-of-the-seat stuff this, 10 mins to go :scream:


I can’t wait i think ill delay going to lunch, i need to hear the news!

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still not here. I’ll call them up later, again.

3 mins to go before 12… Monzo are definitely on the case… or something…

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I had a delivery from them was meant to arrive 6.30-7.30pm , at 10.25 they finally delivered it.

No point calling them to be honest they’ll just say it’s delayed.

They said its stuck at the office and she’s going to contact the driver

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After this palaver should I ever use parcel force again?

I mean the real question is what’s the package that is so important?

A lan card for my computer

The thing is the company I bought it off I may want to use inn future and if they use parcel force I’ll be dettered

Is this the first parcel you’ve ever had from parcel force? i mean as a branch of the royal mail they are one of the oldest and most reliable couriers in the UK.

I wouldn’t be dissuaded just by one back experience.

Should you use them again? Did you choose to use them this time? What other factors did you put into your purchase?

This forum is wonderful but we can’t answer all your questions all the time! :slight_smile: