Delivery Couriers

(Gavin) #1

Has anyone Had problems with certain Delivery Company’s


Yes. Absolutely everyone has had one or more problems with one or more delivery companies.

(Gavin) #3

Have any of use had problems with dx

(Caspar Aremi) #4

This sounds like a leading question… have you had problems with DX?

(Gavin) #5

Yeah all the time


All of the deliveries companies are terrible. Ironically since everyones tried to move away from Royal Mail, Royal Mail has become much more reliable.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #7

I think with most delivery companies, it comes down to the competence of the actual courier, or the number of couriers employed in an area.

I think most companies can pick up and deliver to your local courier fairly efficiently. But the problems arise when the courier is either lazy, inefficient, or overloaded.

(Tom Shorey) #8

DPD are my faves.

  • Give you a one hour window (sometimes even let you choose)
  • Normally have the same delivery driver so he’s used to our entry calling system
  • Good tracking system so can see how close they are

(Gavin) #9

DPD is my Fav aswell


Royal Mail are great for me along with DPD. Yodel/Hermes/Amazon Logistics stuff always gets left on the doorstep. Swings and roundabouts as usual.


Based on the post history by OP, I’m surprised this post doesn’t read

What is your favourite delivery company

(Marc Labuhn) #12

MSE had a poll on this very recently, which pretty much confirms what people have been saying - DPD good, Yodel/Hermes bad.


I think the main question is, do they deliver chicken? :chicken: