Dispute taking longer than timeframe

I logged a dispute with a merchant on 16/06/2020 and my deadline was 06/09/2020. On this date of the deadline I was told I’d automatically be refunded as the merchant didn’t dispute this payment. In June I was made furloughed and I lost a family member and missed bills, etc. Along the whole journey of this dispute, I’ve had no updates or information what so ever. I waited patiently for this and it’s 2 days after the dispute deadline and I still haven’t received my money back! The merchant hasn’t disputed this and I was told it’s a bank error. I keep getting passed around to different teams and have had a complaint logged. I now have to wait until the disputes team get in touch with me which I’m told is about 7 days! I’ve explained I’m in financial difficulty and they don’t seem to care!! I’ve spoke to citizens advice and they’ve advised by law they have to refund my money back if the merchant doesn’t dispute on day 0 and now I’m on day -2. Absolutely stressed to bits and I’m so upset. This was for £250 which is a large amount of money to me right now. The chat team are absolutely terrible. Some have been helpful and lovely and the rest don’t seem to care and seem to transfer me to other teams which takes up to 2 days for them to respond.


have you sent an email to CS as a follow up?

I have. I’ve sent an email, called 5 times today and sent numerous chats. They keep putting me through to other teams in the chat which takes a day or 2 to get through to them. Over the phone they aren’t helpful as they advise they aren’t trained in disputes, etc. I feel as though I’m going around in circles. My deadline/refund was meant to be Sunday gone.

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When did you send the email?

Yesterday and again today😔

I don’t know what the law says specifically on the banks obligation to refund you but I know from what I have read here that Monzo don’t generally refund simply because the retailer doesn’t dispute.

I would advise you to wait a bit longer for a reply and if you don’t get one in say the next 48 hours then send an email detailing the everything that has happened and request a formal complaint be opened. This will trigger a new process but hopefully will get you on a path to get this resolved.

Edit: remember that in this place we are all just customers… Although there are staff around here sometimes this is not an official channel to get a response


Thank you. I have a complaint logged today because of this. They mentioned that my dispute has not been disputed by the merchant and because of that the money will be credited back to me. I was told yesterday this would happen last night or early this morning at the latest and it’s over a day since that and nothing!
I’m just upset with the miss information and delays this has caused. I’ve waited so long for this to be resolved and it’s still ongoing even though it’s minus 2 days old!


Glad to see it’s getting sorted :slight_smile:

You really should know that Monzo would’ve got the money back almost immediately after you reported this in June and that they’ve just been holding onto it all this time (they’re not supposed to do this) on the off chance that the dispute is challenged.

Plenty of people on the forum have had the same type of experience. Happened to a family member of mine too. It’s very bad experience. They closed their Monzo account because of this extremely bad experience.

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So you keep saying.

But Monzo (or any other bank) don’t have to give it back to you immediately.

Some do and take the hit if it goes wrong. But that’s on them.

They have to give it back immediately, they make a choice not to.

Other banks don’t just take the hit - some may choose to, all others will tell you if the chargeback fails they’ll re-debit your account with the transaction. It’s normal.

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It’s one or the other, it’s not both.


I don’t really understand the point of your argument.

So for the OP this kind of experience is normal with Monzo but not any other bank. Just something to be aware of for the future.

If they have to do it, they don’t get to make a choice. You’re contradicting yourself.


long story - I tried to buy a telly from currys , they put a hold on the funds last thursday , they didnt have a telly in stock and won’t be getting any for a while , rang currys customer services to ask for an email to present to bank so they could release the funds , was continually told that was impossible to do , spent over an hour trying to get to get to speak to a manager , customers services “not possible” , not one apology throughout all the conversation for ring fencing my funds for stock that was never available to buy, despite it still being advertised as available on the website, and displayed in store , finally got to speak to manager at currys after much time wasting on the phone being told not possible , asked for email to confirm they have no stock and won’t be trying to collect payment . Sent email to Monzo confirming from currys that they wouldn’t be taking the ring fenced funds , money back in my account this morning from raising the dispute yesterday having been viewed “by specialist”
Interestingly Monzo then inform me after releasing the funds that the dispute is in process and I should have an answer by Dec 1st :slight_smile:

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You must surely realise this is not a ‘dispute’…

You weren’t happy with the authorisation on your card - it’s not a disputed payment.

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why is it not a dispute ? I authorised the payment in the assumption they had goods to sell me , they ringfenced the payment, they refused / said they couldn’t take the authorisation away and said it would go through the normal procedure of it not being collected and my funds would then be made available for me to spend again , I said that was not acceptable , I disputed they had the right to ring fence them. Monzo have taken the ring fencing off from Thursdays pending transaction

It’s just an authorisation it’s not disputing an actual payment…

Are you now displeased that Monzo are doing what you were displeased with them not doing? Hard to keep up!


Purely from a technical point of view, and not in relation to your specific case, I don’t believe MasterCard permit an authorisation to be disputed/a chargeback to be raised. I believe they have to collect/attempt to collect the funds first. However, I’m sure Monzo will have an internal process for this.