Cancelling a dispute

i recently opened a dispute against a merchant that didn’t give me a refund on goods i didn’t receive . However i met up with the merchant in person and they refunded me in cash and apologised for the inconvenience and late response . I’ve requested that Monzo close the dispute as i’ve gotten my money back , and i was told they would get back to me in 7 days . What happens now?

Sit back and relax :relaxed:

You’ve done everything you can and you have proof that you informed Monzo.


A dispute is pretty much a tug of war which gets more and more expensive as each side tugs.

Monzo will give up the tug of war as you have now instructed them that the dispute is resolved, meaning the merchant will ‘win’ the dispute you had with them.

As @Ordog states, you have the evidence you told Monzo its resolved so no need to worry.

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Thank you ! however why does it take 7 days to just end the dispute . What happens during this period

It’s not just between Monzo and the Merchant, there are other parties involved. So my guess is that there is a combination of response times and antiquated systems that need to process the request.

They likely over estimate the timeframe too as most businesses do.

Did you just tap whatever the problem is and do it by chat or 🤷 once it’s raised in chat just sit back relax and wait for a response

@DaveJ yeah it was like that haha, it is my first time using the community thread and it seemed similar to my case, but the thing is that all was settled they needed my acknowledgement on the transaction and I gave it to them and asked them smthg in the in-app. Normally they are like super fast but lately they are taking the whole day. Thank anyway you are a lovely and friendly community

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