Dispute deadline has been delayed

I ordered something online from one sportswear shop and realized they are totally scam, so I reported via Monzo on 15/11. 2 days later(17/11), Monzo answered that they should wait for the review from the merchant which is taking up to 12 weeks so the deadline was 9 Feb.

However, I just found today that the deadline has been changed from 9 Feb to 24 March. I’m not saying that I wanna get my refund back right away, but wondering why this deadline is delayed without any mention, and also why it is taking much more than 12 weeks from the day Monzo answered me initially.

I’ve got some screenshots as below.
Is there anyone else who is facing same problem?

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If someone changes something in the process then I think the timer restarts.

What does it say when you click the button?

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At a guess the merchant challenged the dispute


It just says this typical FAQ which seems same as what it was before the date changed.

Yes, same here! In my case the deadline was moved from 17th Feb to 1st April!! That is too long!!

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