Complaint team missed deadline


I have had to make a complaint and was told my final response was due on 21st October. I haven’t had anything yet (now 23rd October). Has anyone else had this?
Ironically the complaint is about the amount of time it takes for them respond (among other things).
Anyone else had this?

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Sadly missed deadlines can happen. If it’s been exactly 8 weeks since you’ve complained, you can escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman. If it’s not been 8 weeks yet but Monzo advised an earlier target date, then it may well be that they’ll get in touch today to say they need more time (I wouldn’t expect the complaints team to work weekends).

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I’ve got one open too, it’s very strange how they do them as they disappear from chat and then you get an email, I’ve just had the one reply saying they’re in high demand and that’s it.

Guess they’re swamped right now which is a little worrying!

Did you ever get any response?

Still haven’t had any updates other than this from customer support:

“Sadly, we’re not able to provide you with a timescale for how long this will take to complete, I can only assure you that we are working through these as quickly as possible”

I’ve only had one initial acknowledgement from the complaints team and that was on the 4th of October saying they were very busy, the complaint breached on the 22nd of November.

They don’t seem to following standard financial complaints procedures either, no timescales given, no we need longer and will aim to reply in 8 weeks etc.

If at the 56 day/8 week window they’ve not responded, just go to the ombudsman at that point, as they can take on the case from there.


Could you also not separately complain about their handling of the complaint?

Or is that something the ombudsman will automatically factor in from the initial complaint?

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Might do that actually, my original complaint wasn’t anything complex, more just frustrated about the premium interest changes and expressing my views rather than something for the ombudsman.

Lack of updates and timescales doesn’t give me much confidence should I have a serious issue.

I’m still waiting for a response!! It’s now 6 weeks past the date they said I should something by!

I’ve already referred it to the ombudsman.

All Monzo keep saying is that they will get back to me asap but it isn’t good enough

Mine is slightly tricky but nothing major and tbh at this point I’m now more angry about the lack of customer service then anything else!


In experience the delay dissatisfaction goes into the original complaint, which is then considered a factor when reaching a resolution or considering potential goodwill.

Not sure any bank would open a fresh complaint, as the two are linked and one stems from the other - wouldn’t need the second complaint if the original complaint was addressed in a timely manner, even if the original was closed, it could be reopened and assessed again.

The ombudsman form is quite extensive if people haven’t yet had to raise one with them, and you can factor all levels of dissatisfaction and issues in the form to them, and they will consider everything in that form, and also from the original complaint logged at Monzo.

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I’m not the most patient person in the world, and feel like Michael Douglas character on “Falling down” film🙄, and like most people we want someone “on it” like yesterday!
Makes me think about uk as a whole! Everything so slow, drawn out process! From bank complaints, planning permission or ordering a new phone line (sorry off topic) I have family in America and they laugh at how “slow” uk is at things! Wonder why it’s 8/9 weeks before useless ombudsman get involved?

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It’s more to allow the bank time to resolve it themselves.

Personally never had a good experience with the ombudsman.

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Hey @waynepyrah

Sorry to hear you’re still waiting to hear back about your complaint.

Depending on the classification of your complaint you should have received an initial acknowledgement stating that we would aim to resolve your complaint within 15 days or 8 weeks. If the date in this acknowledgement has passed you can refer your complaint to the ombudsman as mentioned by the others in this thread.

If you do refer your complaint we will still work towards providing you your final response regardless and then the ombudsman will complete their review. :heart:


It has now been 10 weeks and counting and I have already referred it to the ombudsman. I’m absolutely sick to death of being robbed off

Well it’s now the 6th January. Still no response to the complaint I was told id have a response to by 23rd October.
I’ve done to the ombudsman. Monzo aren’t replying, I’ve gone on social media. Monzo again fobbed me off. This is not good enough

They themselves have a backlog too unfortunately, so you might find it a while before you get somewhere.

Good effort continuing to chase and good luck in getting it resolved too. Please do update us on how you get on.

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I’ve had a response from the ombudsman and they’ve asked for some more info which is fine.

I’ve also now emailed the CEO of monzo.

I’m not letting this go!!

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Oh my… :joy:

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FOS take a long time but since Monzo has not met the statutory deadline, it’s looking good for you.

Be patient, and hopefully FOS will recommend that Monzo make a goodwill payment to settle the dispute.

Even if you think you have you won’t have. It’ll be handed by the complaints team who will receive it.

I still wish you luck