Visa Dispute Timescales

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experience with visa disputes with Monzo? Having an issue where an item I ordered never arrived, was promised a refund which also never arrived!
Have since escalated to Monzo after looking online to raise a visa dispute but have been advised it has been forwarded to a specialist - after reading some of these threads, concerned now I won’t get anywhere again and no response from a specialist given others past experiences.
Just hoping someone may have a positive experience or some knowledge of timescales as to when replies and refunds could be expected?
If I’ve ever had an issue in the past with high street bank, payment is credited almost instantly whilst this is investigated and outcome always confirmed in writing?
Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi :wave:

This is my job :slight_smile: It’s also a Mastercard chargeback - we don’t issue Visa cards.

but have been advised it has been forwarded to a specialist

You will get a response - we are just checking your evidence to ensure you have the best chance of winning :slight_smile:

Just hoping someone may have a positive experience or some knowledge of timescales as to when replies and refunds could be expected?

We’ll get back to you in the next couple of days to confirm we have either raised the dispute, or need more evidence.
It then takes approximately 8 weeks to go through the first round of a chargeback, we’ll then let you know if you’ve won and, if not, whether we are able to take your dispute further (we would usually ask for more evidence at this stage).
Most disputes conclude within 3 months :+1:

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Hi, thank you for your response.
So are we expected to wait approx 3 months for any payment dispute?

Chargebacks work in cycles. You essentially have:

  • First Presentment (merchant collects the money from us)
  • First Presentment Chargeback (we dispute the payment for you, within a specified timeframe)
  • Second Presentment (within 45 days, merchant disputes your evidence)
  • Pre-Arbitration (within 45 days, we offer additional evidence and explain why we disagree with the merchant)
  • Arbitration Filing (merchant continues to disagree and files the case with the Mastercard Arbitration Committee)
  • Outcome (unspecified timeline)

You then have to add the chargeback raising, evidence uploading and merchant evidence review between each step :+1: This usually takes a couple of weeks as we work through a queue of tasks.

So, if you win at first chargeback we would expect that to generally take 8 weeks to conclude from the time you raise a dispute to the time we credit you.

If we decide to take it to pre-arbitration, it would usually be resolved within around 3 months.

If it goes to arbitration it will take in excess of 3 months.


I had a case where I waited over 9 months to get my refund from Viva Air Colombia. I was getting the automatic e-mails all the time and only when Monzo sent a dispute request (or whatever it’s called) then they got serious and refunded my money…

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Thank Dawid, not feeling hopeful this will be resolved anytime soon now which is disappointing

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Three months! Nine months?!


I had an Amex chargeback (albeit only about £100) that was resolved and fully refunded in less that a week.

I tried to get my money back directly from Viva Air for 9 months… Once I raised it with Mozno I think it was a week or two maximum

I had a Visa chargeback (not with Monzo) which was done and dusted within 24 hours. I had to fax them my evidence that I had tried to deal with the company but with no resolution. The next day I had my refund. :blush:


I see so much faxed evidence come back.

Come back where? Do you mean be rejected?

I wouldn’t know where to go to get access to a fax machine :see_no_evil: :laughing:

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Second Presentment evidence

Almost all faxes have been sent electronically for a couple of decades.

All? That’s not true as the biggest users of fax machines are or was the NHS.

That’s why I wrote “almost all”.

Thankfully we are moving away from that but there are still places we have to fax

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