Display running balance with each entry

(Andy Little) #81

You can link it to Google docs via the API now if you want to do it that way. I actually automatically audit my Monzo card using a Google sheet, if anything goes wrong it emails me.

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How about an implementation like iMessages uses for the time of messages. Swipe to the right and it slides in the balance for all visible transactions?

I’d like to be able to see a balance too as I export all my transactions into Microsoft Money and then reconcile them there and want to check it is all correct.


I used to use Microsoft Money too until they stopped updating it and stopped supporting it. It used to be a great product so It’s demise was very sad

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True, but it’s not accessible to a non-technical user until becomes an integration you can click to install.

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The only times I’ve ever ‘audited’ a bank account it hasn’t balanced because it’s common practice not to list pending transactions but still give a total including them… therefore it’s really only possible if you keep your own spreadsheet.

Monzo is the first bank to actually give me enough information that I could spot an error… I hope they’re able to remain this transparent when operating as a full bank.


My bank always gave me 2 balance figures, account balance and available balance, the difference between the two being pending transactions.


This is the screen I was calling metadata…

And personally I think this is the ideal place… Double checking the accounts accuracy isnt a day to day task, I dont see the need for a running balance slide in for example. But seeing what it was a taop up, and checking top up (or credit as we evolve more ways to add money) to top up is, to me, essential.


care to explain that in a bit more detail…

How do I get it from API to a google sheet ??


Auditing isnt something I need to do real time. I would look at a months statement to see start bal, closing bal, inputs and outputs…

Its that ‘snapshot’ of time which Monzo lacks. I am going to bet once its a bank, it will have it anyway. However I think it still should be ‘in app’ somewhere (even buried a little) rather than impossible to see in app and rely on old school style statements.

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With a fair bit of code. I’d be happy to share it once I’m not working a thousand hours per week.

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Hugo, I find this to be a very ugly solution :frowning: Can’t the information be placed in a more subtle/less obtrusive manner? How about within the grey bars that contain the date? This would allow the graph to return to being hidden when at the top of the screen, and for it to replace the Card Balance and Spent Today when scrolling down.

(Hugo Cornejo) #92

I’m really sorry you find the new device too obtrusive :frowning:

Just to be clear, the main reason to keep the graph always on is not to display the running balance/spent today but to allow us to display information in the future. For example, very soon we’ll be able to plot in the graph when your next direct debit will come out and that kind of thing… if we hide the graph we cannot do that. So, yeah, tricky problem :thinking:

(Johnny Walker) #93

I see! One possible “solution” (if you agree it’s a problem) would be flip between graph and Card Balance/Spent Today by tapping on them. I’m sure you’ll come up with an eloquent solution. Or perhaps I’ll get used to the changes.


Any way to get rid of the spending graph? I find it really irritating.

(Andy Little) #95

That’s an opinion I’ve not heard before. Personally I’ve been waiting for it to come to Android for months.

Perhaps Monzo would consider a setting to turn it on it off.

(Hugo Cornejo) #96

It’s about to become really relevant so it shouldn’t really be a matter of preference but us getting to something that everybody can use and enjoy. Which clearly we haven’t achieved 100% yet :slight_smile:



Just to add my 2 cents to the discussion.
I have experienced in different occasions the following:

  • A transaction failed at the POS
  • It somehow actually went through
  • It did not show up in the feed (until a forced sync was issued/I did a logout/login/clear data/black magic)
  • The balance updated within the app
  • The “spent today” numbers were off (in case I got a refund and I still had the transaction missing within the feed)

Also this morning - as a result of the above scenario - I had a balance of £28.something; before leaving the house I topped up by £30, but the balance came out as £48.something.

A running balance adjacent to each entry in the feed or a “previous balance: X/NewBalance: Y” within the details of a transaction would help spot this kind of errors (the latter would force me to tap in and out of transaction details though).

Arguments like that I do not need to worry about checking this kind of things, that errors should be apparent and/or I should keep an eye on the balance are fallacious.

I - for instance - do not check the balance every single time before I use the card and for sure I cannot remember what the balance was at a certain point in time.

That’s exactly why bank statements have 3 columns: in, out, balance so that you can spot discrepancies at a glance without running the whole thing through excel.

If Monzo want also to implement predictive graphs and other frills, I am OK with it, but I need to be able to spot when items are missing from the feed and a running balance could reduce the math needed to a single addition/subtraction.

A graph telling me what balance I have in jumps of 24 hours lacks the granularity I need.

Apologies about the rant. :wink:

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Totally agree with you. I had an issue yesterday where balance right but one transaction missing from feed. I have no confidence in using a bank as my main account until a proper running balance is shown so I can audit my account.


Since an image is worth 1000 words, if at any stage I see that the balance from the previous transaction “jumps” in a way that is not consistent with the next transaction in the feed, I will be able to spot an issue no matter when it happened.

If everything is OK, the last running balance besided the last transaction will match the balance in the upper left corner.

Easy to understand, difficult to miss.

(Hugo Cornejo) #100

Thanks for that suggestion. That exact solution is on the roadmap for current accounts :slight_smile:

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