We can't see previous balance?

The ‘new look’ monzo appears to have removed the ability to see your balance through time? We seem to only see a daily spend total, not the end of day balance?

I can’t be the only one who likes to check their balance against the same time in the previous month to get a sense of how I’m doing?

Am I missing something? Where’s it gone!? :confused:


It was the one useful thing about the pulse graph but is no longer available. I like to compare my money to the same point in the previous month but can longer do that with Monzo, it’s not a deal breaker but certainly a shame

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Really? There’s no way?

I was going to make a thread about this but might as well ask here.
Is there a way for me to see what the my balance is when I get paid so I can see how much I tend to have left at the end of the month?

I can’t use summary for this because I get paid every 4 weeks and it doesn’t support that.

This seems like extremely basic functionality that’s missing ?


Yeah, no running balance is visible. Struck me as odd at first but I realise now that I’ve not even wanted to find that out in the past couple of months so maybe it’s not something I need?

It’s quite weird not knowing how much money you had left at the end of a previous month.

I feel like I might have less transparency on my finances now than I did with Bank of Scotland


Genuine question. Did you do something with the remaining end of month balance? Or just liked to know?

It’s there if you download a statement.

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Er yeah. I used it to make financial decisions?
If I have £50 left at the end of the month most months perhaps I could afford a new more expensive phone contract so I could get a new phone?

Is that not normal?

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You can find the information on your statements or your monthly spending report will tell you how much you had left at the end of the month

Look the Summary is great - but it’s a hypothetical amount of money left to spend, it doesn’t compare with actually how much money you have. Summary gets confused by things like credits etc, doesnt take them in to account very well.

:monzo: have now removed this frictionless way to see how you are tracking this month compared to normal. Indeed, even how much I started the week with. This really lowers the transparency I have gained through Monzo. :weary:

At end of month, or indeed at any point in the month, I can see I am a hundred off here, or a fifty off there. Now it’s hidden it seems behind downloading a CSV of a statement etc.

Really not good this.


May be normal. Just not something I’ve ever done.

Ay, in the old days with paper statements you really were in the dark for a whole month haha.

I know I am maybe a little odd in that I check regularly how I was doing on this day last month, but I’ve found it’s just hands down the best way you can see how you are doing.

I’m not sure the spending report works for me?
Because my salary comes in every 4 weeks the “window” of time I want to look at is different every payday?

I don’t really understand spending report though?

If you reset you budget period before you get paid (I do it just before I use get paid early) I find it works for me, although the way my pay schedule falls there’s a few days difference each month.

All I need to know is the amount paid in, the amount spent and how much I have left over. As long as I keep my spending dial in green most of the month I find I have all the information I need

Ok thanks that is a solution. Certainly better than looking at the statements…
Hopefully they can support 4 weekly at some point, there are 26000 other people who get paid the same as me at my company alone so it can’t be that unusual?

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Same here. Which is why I’ve never really bothered to look for this as I know it doesn’t ‘work’.

We are aware that this is one of the features people are missing the most in Monzo 3.0, and we will look at this :soon: :slight_smile:


I really miss being able to see how much money I had in my account on any specific day in the past.

I budget per week, and sometimes I forget to transfer any remaining out. My reward to myself for coming in under budget is that any remaining amount gets transferred to a savings account for nice stuff (camera, gardening equipment, new phone etc.)

Not being able to see how much money was in my account before my weekly budget gets automatically transferred is a real pain for me. Seeing how much I spent on a day could be useful, but not as useful.

Perhaps there is a setting which could toggle this, or some way of transferring all of my account balance to a pot at a certain time period?


I’ve moved your post to an existing topic. There’s a staff reply just above your post

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