Balance on transactions

(Greg Hinch) #1

I would like to see the balance that resulted from each transaction in the row for that transaction. Maybe in a lighter color, smaller, and on the bottom right of the row

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Hey @greghinch What’s the reason why you want to know the running balance per transaction?

We currently let you see the balance per day on the floating ticker on the graph at the top and we thought that was enough. What are we missing? Thanks!

(Greg Hinch) #3

Well to be honest it’s nice to follow along transaction by transaction, seeing what’s happening to my balance. Keeps things honest!

Frankly it’s core functionally I would expect from my bank, seeing the balance changes per transaction when reviewing, either on a statement or activity feed.

(Dan) #4

agreed; would expect this

(lee) #5

Agreed +1 but in a subtle way as suggested.

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

@greghinch thanks for the extra info. Let me ask you something, have you ever had problems with that on previous banking experiences (running balance not adding up with the transactions and things like that)?

I appreciate there’s something reassuring on having a view of the big number changing (like checking your car is actually locked by trying to open a door after using the remote or testing a fire alarm from time to time) but as we grow the scope we need to be careful supporting traditional “checkbook” features just because it’s the way it’s always been done.

An easy to solution would be to add a swipe gesture to reveal the balance (as date and time on Messages app) but I honestly think the whole concept is a bit “legacy” and I hope we can build meaningful features that provide that same feeling of “keeps things honest”. We’ll work on it. Thanks a lot! :heart:

(Rob) #7

I too think it would be really useful to have the ability to see a running balance after a transaction. Whilst I might seem old hat, I actually budget my money (using YNAB), and I reconcile my bank accounts against my transaction register (or ‘feed’ in Mondolingo). And sometimes - albeit rarely - discrepancies do happen. The ability to reveal the running account balance on a given date would allow me to more easily reconcile my Mondo feed with my transaction register in YNAB.

Whilst I am sure Mondo always calculates the pounds and pence correctly, discrepancies can occur - particularly where transactions are settled with a different value to which they were authorised (foreign transactions are a good case in point).

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

Thanks for sharing that use case @j800rob

So I guess we just need to provide with proper budgeting tools so you stop using YNAB :slight_smile:

Kidding aside, doesn’t the new export functionality cover that for you?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

Ive mentioned this before - having exported my transactions since joining Mondo in Jan I was left with a long list of black text - I think it would be useful if you could export in the colours of the categories on the app - Ie all grocery transactions in yellow holidays in purple etc so they could be picked out from the long list those that didn’t want it could simply change all text back to black

(Greg Hinch) #10

@hugo I appreciate that it seems a bit old fashioned, but frankly I want a degree of old fashioned from my bank if I’m going to trust them to hold my money. And while I haven’t noticed any discrepancies on my Mondo balance so far, it’s also a bit difficult to track that frankly! As soon as I have more than one transaction in a day, I have to try and do a bunch of math in my head, which seems needless.

I don’t mean to be too antagonistic, but when it comes to something as simple as tracking how much of my money I have or had in my bank account at any given point in time, I want to be able to do that quickly and easily, and not just by downloading an export of data and opening up Excel. Seeing this per transaction in the app is needed to have that level of transparency.

(Rob) #11

Proper budgeting tools within Mondo would indeed be awesome :yum:, and in the meantime I can certainly get by. However having the ability to see the account balance after each transaction would really help. You suggested (@hugo) a slide to reveal the account balance - and for me personally, that would be perfect: it provides the functionality I would like without upsetting the design aesthetics.


Although this would be nice to have, I prefer it not to mess up the design and so thhe slide to reveal would be perfect.

(Alex Hay) #13

I would never have thought I needed this but bizarrely I’ve just encountered an issue where the total at the top of the app doesn’t match the total of my transactions (when exported as a CSV). I only noticed because the amounts weren’t reconciling against my budgeting app’s (YNAB) register.

It looks like it’s probably a TFL delayed transaction problem but it does make the error hard to track down.

A cool way to implement this might be to take inspiration from the way Apple reveals timestamp metadata in the Message app using a swipe.

(Ryan Warrington) #14

This may suit some users and not others?

But completely agree with having a balance per transaction line, would be good if it was an optional feature which could be switched on and off if needbe to suit the preference of each side.

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