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(Chris Black) #1

Hey, I would like to see the total money which I spent on the past days :grin:. Something like that:

But of course with a much better design haha :raised_hands:t3:, hope that this idea is not already in process for the next version… :grimacing::smile:

Thank you !

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(Josh Bray) #2

I second that! It would be great to see that…

(Will Stanley) #3

I agree. And perhaps showing the spending for today as well.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

spent today is already there next to your card !

(Will Stanley) #5

Of course. Ignore me!

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

Thanks a lot for this suggestion :heart:

We’ve explored a few solutions for the same problem (“I want to know how much I spent on a day”) and for now we haven’t find a good solution yet. We’ll work harder :slight_smile:

The key of this is that structurally we don’t want to show any numbers in the feed if they don’t correspond with a transaction amount (basically, we want all numbers to be easy to scan and add up, so if we add partial totals the whole thing collapses and suddenly numbers can’t be compared because daily totals are way bigger).

However, I do think that our “pulse” graph will solve these problems eventually. One of the options is to have an extra layer of information in the graph showing vertical bars featuring spending per day, that way you can see quite easily the days that you spent the most, in other words…

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Balance
:bar_chart: Daily expenditure

All in the same graph. We’ll give it a go and share for feedback :smile:

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(Alex Sherwood) #7

For anyone who’s looking for an easy way to get to this figure, while Monzo works on this, the Quids app displays the total debits + credits per day…I’ve shared a screenshot in this post -

And there’s a link to download the app, for Mac users, at the top of the post…


This should be an easy upgrade for the app.

One of the great features of the app is that you can see what you have spent so far each day. :slight_smile:

However, once this day passes the counter resets to zero and you can no longer see the total you spent in the days previous. :confounded: So when you wake up in the morning, you can see all the transactions you made the day before but no totals for the day before :anguished:

Please can you add a small total for each day next to the date so I dont have to manually add up all the transactions to see what I spent on any given day…


(Alex Sherwood) #9

Hey Scott, I’ve moved your post here so that you can see some of the discussion around this idea.

Hugo’s explained why we don’t have this feature now in a post towards the top.

If there’s any other enhancements that haven’t been mentioned for this feature, it’d be great to hear your ideas!

(Michael) #10

I think it would be useful on the Home screen to show the balance beside each day.

The reason for this is mostly for budgeting. I’d like to see what I’ve spent each day and, what the balance was before topping up.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Hey Michael,

I’ve moved your post here as Hugo’s explained why we don’t have this feature in the thread. You should find that the latest update to the iOS app gives you something similar to what you’ve described though -

If you’re on Android, check out a preview of what’s on it’s way, the Pulse Graph is on the roadmap for Android here.

This is on it’s way too :eyes:

(check out that topic for more discussion on this data).

Spending summary of the day
(Michael) #12


Whilst the graph is nice, I think I’d prefer it in a scrollable view like an online bank statement, I want to be able to quickly see my balance history at a glance.

(Joseph ) #13

Why do you only get daily totals for the current day and not for days in the best so you can scroll through easily and get an idea of spending patterns?

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(Simon) #14

I agree with Michael (and the others) here.

Whilst Hugo’s explained the rationale to not add subtotal figures, I’d much prefer the ability to quickly see day-by-day spending, over knowing everything is a unique transaction.

The usability of the graph just doesn’t work on a small screen, especially with days near the start/end of a month.

Would love to see this feature added!


Can you please show the total amount spent on each day in the home tab? It only shows the total for today but I think it should also show the total for the previous days when scrolling down. Anyone else agree?