Showing running balance

It would be really helpful to have the option to turn on/off running balance on the app.


I would say this is now covered by the trends spending graph, so unlikely they’ll add it to the main feed.

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I’d love to see them add a rolling balance graph back to the top the feed though, that scrubs through as you scroll down.

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A running balance per day is a really big missing feature: I would happily lose some pretty icons for this.

It is impossible to work out now spending has gone during the month without it: the spending analysis provide something completely different.

You will not attract serious users of other banks without this. Though I am exactly that and have been here years :slightly_smiling_face: - I really miss this.

There’s probably plenty of frivolous users for them to poach, though. Plus, there’s Plus.

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This is something I requested a while back and never saw any traction on so definitely something I’ll back!

I must say, as someone that struggles with anxiety, I often get huge bouts of worry when trying to figure out where money has gone when I have less than I expected.

This is the one feature that I’ve considered leaving Monzo over.

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I go to the PDF statement to get the running balance. Annoying but the easiest way so far.

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Massive massive plus one from me. Being able to see how much was in my account right before I got paid means I know where my zero line is for the month. I don’t need a fancy graph, I just need to know how much cash was in there at that time. It’s a basic feature that every other bank I can think of has. Please implement this!

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Seems such a basic feature, just make it an option in labs or something. Come on Monzo.