Disappointing customer service

I wanted to ask a simple question so thought id go via chat. over 2 hours later I/m still waiting for someone to get to me! tried calling and no one answering the phone!

What fantastic customer service its a good job it isn’t an urgent matter and if i hear its because of Coronavirus any more as an excuse for poor customer service ill scream. it isn’t because of coronavirus its been with us f a year!!! sort it out

Rant over.

Chat wait times do depend on what you ask, and as by your own admission it’s a simple question, you’ve likely been pushed a bit further down the queue.

If it’s not a personal to your account type question, there’s a chance someone on here will be able to answer it for you.

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Are you sure your question isn’t urgent? You’ve written AND called. What’s your expectation of timescale?


This :point_up:

Be thankful that you’re not sat on hold for ages. This way you can carry on with the rest of your day and you’ll receive a notification when they reply :slight_smile:


I’m waiting on a non urgent one today, has gone to a specialist team

Sadly no other way to get it resolved, I’ve been charged a day’s usage of Plus when I cancelled it at the earliest opportunity

I’m finding it to be much slower than chat services with other providers, and some of those have been non urgent too

If this is an AI thing there is a chance that it could go horribly wrong, unless there is a way to override it by spamming chat with “URGENT”

If you don’t hit the right keywords you’ll be at the bottom of the list with an urgent query, whereas someone more familiar with the process will get to the top asking if he can get a different shade of coral card just by knowing which buttons to push.

It’s bad enough when used by companies for screening CVs in first round applications; a bank should never employ this tactic


I agree 100% and I’d like to think that it does get a human lookover first, otherwise like you say, the more polite/patient people with a serious issue end up waiting and the impatient know the key words to use to get to the top of the list.

I’ve only used it once, but I think it does ask you questions with prompts, rather than you having to type the whole issue.

Weird that it has to go to a specialist. I hope you get your 16p back :+1:

Or, more precisely, the 16p minus the interest on your balance for the day


Hey hey hey every penny counts. I’m not sure I’d pay 16p to use anything else for 30 seconds after having got out of bed :wink:

It’s not a great way of ending a subscription really


You could get 16 penny sweets!

You joke but I work across from a Home Bargains and they do lovely 10p chocolate wafers. Would even leave 6p to spare!


I wasn’t joking, I’d certainly spend my refund money on that or those wafers :laughing:

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Well, my chat was closed with no response from Monzo…

Make a formal complaint. It may just be someone pressing the wrong button, or whatever, but they shouldn’t close a chat until the issue has been resolved.

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Yeah I’m going for it, regardless of the money involved it’s a valid query. I think I could have had two queries resolved elsewhere in this time.

To be clear, a person replied at 8am on Friday to refer it, it was closed with no response this morning.

If anything serious had happened in the meantime, I’d have had no means of reporting it.

A few months back I had a refund go to an old google pay reference, I asked Monzo if it was a card linked to them and they closed the chat then without replying so its happened to me twice now…

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They just said it auto closes in 24h and I still would have got a response…

Why am I being asked to rate my experience? I got my bad for the environment replacement card before I got a response?

It’s not a great experience, I must admit - even pre-COVID you could be waiting several hours for a response.

They either have no where near enough staff - too high of a staff turnover or too many people wanting help for issues they could resolve themselves via self help guides or google.

Personally, I think it’s not enough staff and too many people using the ‘chat with us’ button

I’m intrigued - what do they look like? :relaxed:

My experience here has been as follows

Don’t get a full refund if you cancel Plus on day one

Get a chat auto closed and a survey auto sent after day two

For me, it’s poor automatic processes which are causing people to contact support…

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I’m going to go to town later, so may pick up one then and send it in. Can’t find any pictures online

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