Disappointing customer service

Thanks - I like your style.

(If you don’t pick one up, can you snap it? :grin:

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They’re a bit like cheap crispy rolls, and they’re usually located right by the till…

The really daft thing is that instead of giving you 16p, they’ll give you £30 to say sorry and 16p

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You see, this is what weekends on the forum used to be all about :+1::joy:

A bit of light, educational relief…

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Thing is, I was given the choice of escalate a complaint, or escalate the initial query. So I think they’re going to try and limit it to 16p…

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When I raised a complaint for the same I was given… 26p :joy:


2 wafers!

Won’t be long until you’re the champion of WallStBets with that sort of return :rofl:

It was an account specific question. I vow a response after4ish hours​:joy::joy::joy:. To put some perspective on this it’s not the first time I’ve had a less than satisfactory experience with Monzo. The last time took 16 days and several email exchanges between myself the CEO and Head of Customer service to resolve. I did get an apology and recompense for my trouble but still a result of shocking service. Guess I’m looking for perfection after that​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

It looks like they’re refusing to refund me!

So what actually happened? You signed up for Plus and cancelled the same day?

Nope, I cancelled it when the 3 months expired.

They’re essentially saying that you only get refunded for subsequent days, but did I get 17p of usage from the 10 minutes after I woke up and cancelled?

I explained to them that I couldn’t cancel the day before because I would’ve been charged the early cancellation fee and when I cancelled first thing after waking up I lost access to the features immediately. They agreed and refunded.

Not sure if the rules changed and now you’re able to cancel the renewal before the minimum term is up?

Yeah I would have been charged early cancellation

It’s a poor process, and if hundreds miss it, its an extra day’s revenue for premium features not used across quite a few accounts

The message I’ve been sent is very cut and shut, not really inducing a reply from the customer…

Sure is. If you’re unhappy, raise a complaint with Monzo, and escalate. If you’re not bothered, then just accept the 16p loss, and move on.

I accepted the 16p cost, and moved on, because the time for me to raise it etc, was worth more to me (especially if you add in time to complain on the forum etc). However, @ndrw went down the route of reclaiming it & getting it back.

Yes, annoying, and definitely needs a specialist team I’d imagine as it’s not just “oh hey, here’s 16p for you”.

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They already logged a complaint about the chat being closed automatically, so it’s with two specialist teams…apparently customer advocacy may ring me (could I be because the chat is already with one ‘specialist team’?)

Starting to wish I didn’t bother in all fairness…

Ah well, you did. Enjoy the ride, and hopefully it’s worth it :slight_smile:

It’s worth bothering every time because every complaint costs Monzo money and complaints figures are published for each bank.

If nothing else will get Monzo to sort their unacceptable MVP approach and customer service out, this might. And I want Monzo to sort it out so that I can once again look at them as a contender in the banking market and not just someone lagging behind

Sure, on the surface, Plus v3 looks more polished but the backend is just as hastily stitched together as Pluses v1 and v2

I don’t think the amount is the issue, time vs cost doesn’t stack up at all to fight for it. But it shouldn’t be this way.

If you cancel on the first day you’re allowed to cancel without penalty then you shouldn’t be charged at all. If you could cancel in advance, like you can with Apple subscriptions, then it’s a bit different. Or do what Microsoft do and pro-rata refund you and they seem to be over-generous with it.

It might only be 16p but I don’t think Monzo are being fair. And from their point of view too, this 16p has cost them way more! And it’s not over yet!

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