Customer service chat delays

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but what on earth is going on with in-app chat? This week I’ve had a near 24 hour delay in a response, which made no sense and my reply to that has been chilling out in the chat screen since 3pm (UK time).

Is this a universal situation or have Monzo decided they don’t want to talk to me?

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We have someone wasting there time asking them to confirm his address and other equally annoying people… probably


I think the new app rollout will be a big factor in this. Not immediately apparent where everything has been moved to.


Christ you’d have hoped they had got some overtime in! God help me if I had an emergency or urgent query

Your in for a treat. They removed the ability to clearly mark an issue as urgent.


That might be by asking someone in our customer support team, who’ll give a fast, friendly response through in-app chat 24/7. Or you can also find your own answers easily and do simple things yourself from the app.

Oh how times have changed

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Haha! Oh shit so they have! Man Barclays never looked so good!

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They probably have.

You can always ring the number on the back of your card.

Ive wondered since advertising that how it’s not been brought up for false or misleading advertising?

What’s the bet they are too busy typing to answer the phone? To be fair I didn’t even know they had phone customer service, I thought they were just.lost cards?

What other questions, do they mean actual customer service questions orrrrrr???

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It’s weirdly worded. Maybe they don’t help people who aren’t customers yet.

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But what if I wanted to become a customer and wanted just that little bit of extra help, guess that number isn’t for me then eh… off to Barclays I go :eyes:

Enjoy, Barclays is awfull


At least they answer the phone :joy:

At least someone in India answers the phone you mean.

Mate they could be on mars for me, there aren’t many banks offering a 24 hour wait time for their customer service reps.


Depends on how you call them, but … so? I’d rather someone answer me than no one.

Yet when you call and they have no ability to do anything that is off script you have to wait until you can speak to someone based in England. It’s one of the reasons I left Barclays personal banking

At least the business call centre is US based but I will be leaving them as well in time.

They are an awful bank.

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You say this but if the queue if you’re waiting longer than 5 minutes it automatically disconnects you. I’ve never been sure why Monzo have gone down for this route as it’s really not good service to just disconnect callers because you’re busy.