Slightly annoyed

(Dann) #1

Is it just me that has issues with getting a reply from Customer service? My last issue took 5 days to get a reply…and I’m still waiting for a reply a week later…

(George) #2

Had no issues, nearly always had a reply from in app chat the same day, even on a weekend.

(Dave Berry) #3

Nope, always had a reply within hours. From ceo too at the weekend (over a very minor issue).


Have to agree with the others here, response is usually within hours


How are you contacting them? I’ve had reasonably quick responses over Twitter and the in app chat.

(Dann) #6

Twitter…and the app. I’m an investor too so this isn’t great

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #7

Ive had messages in the app where its taken an hour or so to reply

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

Hi @Dann

I’m so sorry that it took us so long to come back to you. You’re totally right about feeling annoyed. We’re better than that, I promise :slight_smile:

Regarding your particular problem, If nobody has answered you in one week I’d recommend you to open a new conversation. Or send me a DM and I’ll pick it manually. Thanks!

Maybe your original request fell through a crack :frowning: It’s really weird because even though we’re beta we’re trying to answer fast and provide world-class customer service. Just to be sure I’ve just checked and we’re answering 94.2% of our customers in less than 2 hours. If we focus just on weekdays during office hours the time drops to less than 1 hour.

(Adam Hockley) #9

try ringing number back of card .

(Rika Raybould) #10

I’d honestly not ring that number unless you have a genuine emergency issue that requires immediate resolution. At scale, chat is a far nicer and more efficient method of getting general support.

(Adam Hockley) #11

yes i agree but better customer service i guess