Slightly annoyed

(Dann) #1

Is it just me that has issues with getting a reply from Customer service? My last issue took 5 days to get a reply…and I’m still waiting for a reply a week later…

(George) #2

Had no issues, nearly always had a reply from in app chat the same day, even on a weekend.

(Dave Berry) #3

Nope, always had a reply within hours. From ceo too at the weekend (over a very minor issue).

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #4

Have to agree with the others here, response is usually within hours

( surohpotsirhC) #5

How are you contacting them? I’ve had reasonably quick responses over Twitter and the in app chat.

(Dann) #6

Twitter…and the app. I’m an investor too so this isn’t great

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #7

Ive had messages in the app where its taken an hour or so to reply

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

Hi @Dann

I’m so sorry that it took us so long to come back to you. You’re totally right about feeling annoyed. We’re better than that, I promise :slight_smile:

Regarding your particular problem, If nobody has answered you in one week I’d recommend you to open a new conversation. Or send me a DM and I’ll pick it manually. Thanks!

Maybe your original request fell through a crack :frowning: It’s really weird because even though we’re beta we’re trying to answer fast and provide world-class customer service. Just to be sure I’ve just checked and we’re answering 94.2% of our customers in less than 2 hours. If we focus just on weekdays during office hours the time drops to less than 1 hour.

(Adam Hockley) #9

try ringing number back of card .

(Rika Raybould) #10

I’d honestly not ring that number unless you have a genuine emergency issue that requires immediate resolution. At scale, chat is a far nicer and more efficient method of getting general support.

(Adam Hockley) #11

yes i agree but better customer service i guess