19 hours and no response

Just gone full monzo and done the account switch and there was a problem with a card and an agent said he would reply shortly to the issue in the chat and its been 19 hours and me pulling my hair out regretting that I even bothered.

I pay for the plus too… I’m sorry but 19 hour wait on customer service is the worst I have ever had…


It is possible that something has gone wrong with how your call has been prioritised or sorted in their chat system. No ideal, but what it is

I would suggest you phone the number on the back of your card if this has not resolved itself

I’m in China traveling using a Chinese SIM card I cant even call a international number hence the need for a mobile bank with chat…

Yeh 22 hours passed now, sorry to say ill be closing the account down and cancelling plus and moving to starling at the end of today.

No reply on support email/twitter/chat anything.

Did you try sending another message in the same chat?

Haha, yes like 50… It’s a joke to be honest

I called at great expense from china. They are sorting now but its got me questioning going full monzo.


Glad you got it sorted.

Hope you at least give Monzo a try.

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Hi Kieran, glad to hear this is all sorted now. Really sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Thanks, frustrating for me with time constraints in place on when I needed the card sorted for.

I do have to say once the problem was resolved and explained the after care I received was great.

I think this stuck in a separate channel of support needs fixing or changed, even if its just some chat commands like - cancel chat or End conversation buttons etc.

Thanks though.

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What is the issue with support at the moment? Is this a problem with the new chat system? Is it losing people’s chats?

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I got moved in to a wait for a plus team member, but whatever I did I could not get out.

In my opinion they need a way out, as for a user who travels to China lots calling is not a option, and in the end I had to use some skype credit to call which cost me a fair bit.

We need an end chat button for it I feel. If I had not called up I feel I would have sat in that chat for a long time before someone found me

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Welcome to Monzo :slight_smile:

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