Cancelled direct debit money taken

I cancelled a direct debit but the money has come out of my account. This is the second time monzo have allowed this to happen! The first time they told me it was because the payment was requested by BACS so they couldn’t stop it (even though I set a direct debit, signed the direct debit guarantee and it showed on my account as a direct debit) but I trusted that monzo knew what they were doing so believed them when they said I couldnt have a refund. This morning another cancelled direct has been taken :hot_face:
I cancelled the direct debit and like last time it didn’t show in my upcoming payments.
I have contacted them via chat but it’s early so no response although wait time was 6 hours!
I’m getting increasingly worried that monzo don’t know what they are doing and I often get robbed off by them and it’s only when I search online find the truth and the send the link that they act on it. I’ve said on the chat messages that I would like to make a claim under the direct debit guarantee so will wait and see. I bet they tell me to go the company that is what they always say!

If it is a direct debut and Monzo has paid it when it shouldn’t have done then you’re entitled to an immediate refund.

Only once have I ever had to use this guarantee (that applies to ALL banks).

RBS paid a DDM they shouldn’t have done. I phoned up and met resistance from their member of staff. As soon as I reminded them of the direct debit guarantee and it was their problem not mine the money was straight back in my account.

I don’t know what the circs are here but if it is definitely a DDM and Monzo is telling you it’s BACS then I’m even more worried about the customer service of this tech company that is playing banks.


Are you sure the company didn’t take it via your card as the direct debit had been cancelled? I forget the name, but I know some companies will take the money from a debit card if you cancelled the direct debit.

Try getting a new card?

If you cancelled the Direct Debit and the company reinstated it and took payment they they are in the shit as they can’t do this without your agreement. You can get Monzo to claim the DD back instantly under the DD guarantee. Then make an official complaint with the company and if they fail to respond and compensate take it to the Ombudsman who will hang them out to dry.

This is the same regardless of Monzo or another bank.

I’ve had to do this with “Outfox the Market”, who pulled this stunt on customers.

Neither company had my card details.

As you can see by the picture it clearly states that the payment was a direct debit so why monzo decided it was bacs I don’t know!

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BACS runs the Direct Debit scheme amongst other services.

But surely if I cancelled the direct debit and the money comes out I am still entitled to a refund under the direct debit guarantee?


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Seems to me that more I use monzo, the more there are gaps in the advisors knowledge. The direct debit guarantee is well known but they don’t seem to understand it

I’ve checked both confirmations from the companies involved and both state that they are direct debits

When you cancel a direct debit you should get a notification (email/post) that it’s been cancelled. This wouldn’t be from Monzo it would be from the company or labeled under the service they use like GoCardless.

I’ve had confirmation from both companies

Neither direct debit is showing in my list of direct debits either

Have you actually cancelled your subscription to this magazine, or are you just cancelling the direct debit? If you haven’t cancelled the subscription the magazine may be reinstating the direct debit because as far as they are concerned you owe them for the subscription.

I have cancelled the subscription with the magazine company and changed the bank account with the other company had confirmation of all of this from the companies involved and sent this to monzo

Plus a company has to get permission to reinstate a cancelled direct debit


I’d try phoning Monzo rather than the chat, be easier to explain that way?

Hope you get it sorted, what a mess!

I’ve never had an issue with cancelling DD on Monzo I even cancelled the DD just before midnight and no money has been taken from my ACC, some legacy banks have a cut off time to cancel DD otherwise money would still be taken, did you manually cancel the DD yourself or did you ask Monzo and the company to do that?

Sorry to ask what may seem like an obvious question but are you sure the payment you are referring to is from this company/for this thing?

I ask because the list of DD payments you posted shows 12th November, and today is the 28th. If a payment has gone out today it seems likely it’s for something else (either with this company or another).

We have this sometimes where I work in customer service, someone will contact us about a charge they didn’t authorise, and it turns out it was from some other company but the timing or amount made them assume it was us. It’s more common than you’d think/an easy mistake to make, so do double check!