Direct Debit cancelled after Full Switch


I have recently done a full switch to Monzo from Lloyd’s and the switch was completed on the 13th December.

On Christmas Eve I received a text from Lloyd’s saying to call them regarding my loan account i have with them.

After looking on Lloyd’s online banking it has showed that the direct debit has come back as a returned direct debit. When I switched I had the direct debit pop up in my feed so I thought everything was okay.

I called Lloyd’s and they have said that I have missed a payment :weary: and they can take the payment over the phone, which I did. The guy on the phone explained that a direct debit is in their system with monzo, however it is showing as suspended. He explained that he will make sure it doesn’t effect my credit report and set up another direct debit for the repayments.

So today I receive a letter from Lloyd’s dated from last week explaining that my bank have told them that I have cancelled the direct debit, which I didn’t.

I have now looked at other direct debits I have with other companies online on their websites it shows my old bank details :rage:

Im hoping that them direct debits will be re-directed as and when.

Has anybody any similar experiences?

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Hi Didster, Not encountered this issue, sounds like you should contact Monzo directly to resolve this or contact the payee’s you have DD’s with and advise them of your new bank details directly. Good luck resolving this.

So a switch happened, but one of your existing Direct Debits that you had with Lloyds didn’t come out of Monzo after the switch?

If that’s the case the Direct Debit Guarantee makes sure you aren’t affected and are compensated for any loss and usually given some for the mess up and made sure no credit report is affected.

I had HSBC swop to NatWest and my mortgage direct debit failed that had transferred but wasn’t taken. That was a hassle as had to make a manual transfer between other accounts to pay as you needed a card reader and they don’t send one out automatically. Anyway both banks admitted errors and paid out about £300 in error.

Yes just one, I have had some go out , 1 cancelled and some yet to go out. I’m just worried about the other ones because some of them have my old bank details on, so I’m worried that they won’t go out, but I’m wondering if they will be redirected?

I assume you’ve been on Monzo chat or called them to report it (number on the back of the debit card)? They should be able to confirm what the situation is as I would just be guessing.

The only thing I can say is try not to be worried as they should sort it out on your behalf, you won’t be out of pocket or have any credit against you, you just need to inform them of what went wrong. If it happens multiple times then it’s the same each time, but they should be able to look at each direct debit to hopefully ensure all further DDs are taken by Monzo.

I have spoken to chat and they have escalated it to a specialist colleague who will get back to me in normal business hours.