Direct Debits after CASS

Hi, does anyone have any problems with how their direct debits look after using the CASS?

I have noticed that mine don’t look very “Beautiful”, as some are showing lengthy names and no logos etc.

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CASS only gives Monzo the first 18(?) characters of the merchant name unfortunately which means they don’t sync with existing direct debits. When your first payment is taken you should have the option to submit a change. Some may even change eventually without you doing anything.

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Mine are awful. I’ve just moved though and have been told that once the first payments actually go out things sort themselves out a bit. Plus you can submit changes at that point and add logos etc. Hoping it works out like that.

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Mine have all come out and unfortunately no changes.

I have submitted improvements under each direct debit but no luck.

I’m tempted to cancel them one by one and then set them up again to see if this makes any difference.

You could always give CS a try in in-app chat if you really want them looking beautiful?

Yeah I’d stick with it. I’ve been on chat quite a bit about this. Have seen on here that people’s do change - you might just need to shout a bit to make it happen.

Think we’ll need some before and after pics when it gets sorted hah :grinning:

I tried that but get fobed off with “We are working on it”

Were pretty busy at the moment and merchant feedback is not a priority :pensive:

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Yes, far better to work on enhancing the app than worrying about tweaking the logo on someones direct debit, which they may only look at a few times a year!


I wish I could like this a million times!


I see the point, however wouldn’t that raise questions about the consistency of the design? New users into Monzo who pay direct debits would see it all pretty but customers who use the CASS will have a legacy experience with Direct Debits it seems?


As someone said above, they will mostly sort themselves out automatically once a payment is taken. If other customers have pretty data for a particular merchant, you will too.

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completely agree, it needs to be consistent.

I’ve submitted a few recently - they do get done eventually, although a couple took two attempts

Don’t agree. And you’ll find neither do a heck of a lot of others who are with Monzo. Aesthetics is one of the biggest reasons people switch from legacy banks to Monzo - legacy apps are hideous. Tweaking design IS enhancing the app, and should be a high priority for an app based bank.

You’ll also find this is why Apple are so successful.


Fine. That’s your right :slight_smile:

However, I would say that if Monzo want to become profitable they need to be a bank that can be viable as someone’s only bank. Otherwise, too many will use Monzo as a “spending card” which isn’t profitable. I know that there are lots of people who already use Monzo as their only bank, but there are also lots who can’t, due to loads of missing banking features.

It’s up to Monzo to decide how to prioritise this. Over the last 6 months or so, they seem to have prioritised “aesthetics” (although, as I have just argued in another thread, their UX is becoming a proper mess). Now they are shifting focus a little to play catch up on features. And in my opinion that’s a good plan.

When the time is right (in their eyes) they’ll likely shift focus again…


Fair point.

I use Monzo as my only bank currently and personally I expect them to do both.

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And I’m sure they will! But I’d also expect there to be a certain amount of “back and forth” between the two, as only so much can be done in parallel with a finite workforce …

If you ask on the in-app customer support chat they usually get changed pretty quick. Also that way it’s not wasting the time of people developing other features so everyone’s happy.