Adding Company Logos for payments

I’m new to using Monzo full-time and I like the use of company logo’s when I make retail purchases in places like Lidl, Co-op, Gregg’s etc as it makes it a lot clearer to see where I’ve been spending.

What I’ve noticed though is that when I make any type of payments through my standing orders or direct debits or transfering or receiving any payments from any company then no company logo’s are being displayed. I have direct debits setup for all my utilities etc but non of the company logo’s are being displayed i.e. Octopus Energy, Water etc and any payments I have made to any companies or transferring money etc do not show any logo’s i.e. I transferred money to Lloyds but only an ‘L’ is being shown and it would be great to see the logo and make it easier to identify.

Unless it’s just my app, I think it’s strange the logo’s are being displayed for daily Account payments but not for payments to businesses and direct debits etc.

Hopefully this makes sense and someone can shred any light and thoughts on this.

This thread may be of interest to you:

Unfortunately it doesn’t apply to faster payments / bank transfers yet.

@Jackcrwhitney Thanks Jack, I did try look around the forum but obviously missed that one.

It just seems strange that they have logo’s for some but then didn’t do it for everything, just seems like have a job or the didn’t finish it on a Friday and forgot about it on the Monday, anyway hopefully it’ll be fixed one day :pray:

For card transactions they get all sorts of information from the card terminal and for Direct Debits they also get destination information through from the requesting bank.

For standing orders there’s nothing other than what you’ve typed into your app. I’m sure something could be done but it’s effectively a different mechanism involving trying to find out who owns a bank account number and sort code.

Relying on the customers entered company name may not be the best way to do this!

@daniel.cannon Hi Daniel, I’ve noticed from the above that you were working hard on this in the early part of 2018, but I’m using the new android app and I’m not getting any of these logo’s showing at all for standing order payments, direct payments or any refunds etc is that something that could be added ?

@Feathers Hi Mike, I’m not sure how this wouldn’t work though, I had a direct debit taken at the start of the month from Bulb which had the logo but I’ve just had a refund from Bulb which doesn’t have the logo but the description name is the same so why can’t there be a link somehow using the description, or Monzo mush know who the payment is coming from as there must be an identifier. As for my payments, I made a payment to Lloyds Bank and when I put in the dirt code it knows it’s a Lloyds bank account, so why couldn’t the logo be added to this info etc ?

I’m not sure about the refund in all honesty, however my thinking about payments is that you aren’t actually paying Lloyds you’re making a payment to a Lloyds Account. My payments show up with the Initials of the person I’m paying which would make more sense than a Lloyds logo.


The repayment thing might simply be that the particular mechanism used isn’t tied into the merchant identification system.

Paying Lloyds is tied into the sort code so anyone with a Lloyds account will indicate this even when it’s not actually Lloyds themselves that you’re paying (as said above).