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I have contacted CS via the in-app chat twice over the last few days relating to the way in which Direct Debit names are displayed. On each time, I have been told two different things. Has anyone else experienced this, and which is correct? I know these fairly minute issues, but I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want my Monzo feed looking good, otherwise I don’t see the point!

  1. Aviva, I noticed double space between ‘Limited’ and ‘PLC’ — customer services had no issues in amending this to show correctly. All resolved within 30 mins and was told to restart the app for it to take effect.

IMG_2012 IMG_2013

  1. Lloyds Bank CC, set up as ‘Lloyds Bank Plc-Card Services’ — this looks awful and is grammatically incorrect. I first asked could it be changed to just ‘Lloyds Bank’. Granted, CS said they couldn’t do this as the merchant dictates what is displayed. The only reason it was changed for Aviva was because it was a grammatical change, not the actual merchant name. So I then asked if the same could be done for Lloyds ie. ‘Lloyds Bank PLC - Card Services’. I was told this could not be changed at all, as it could risk affecting the direct debit that has been set up?!

IMG_2021 IMG_2022

I mean, which is it? Can you do it or can’t you? Little bit frustrating, would appreciate if someone could clarify the actual position of Monzo to save me wasting my time with further corrections. Thanks! :grinning:


Hi Jai!

I’ve fixed that second one for you now. Please log out and back in if it’s not showing as fixed in your app.

Apologies for you getting conflicting information - we actually haven’t yet clarified our guidelines for this, internally - that’s something we’re working on now :grinning:


Thanks so much, @simonb! :grin: Appreciate it’s still early days and there’s other arguably more important stuff for you guys to focus on. At least my feed will look sweet now :raised_hands:t3:


Hmm, this would seem to be odd. I’ve used the “improve name…” function to change the name of quite a few of mine without issue.

What I have noticed is that unlike card purchases you can’t actually see the original name / details of the DD in the app. This makes me sad (and sometimes I might want to know what the originating / unadulterated name is).

(As I’m in wish list mode, I’d also like an easy way to search by DDs only. And to only see DDs from a particular provider when I tap on “number of direct debits” - it also pulls up non DD transactions for the name merchant which is programmatically understandable, but is misleading given the heading…)

Edit: oops, all done and sorted by the amazing @simonb while I was tapping away…!

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You can, it’s at the bottom of the screen.


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Ah, I think that’s an Android / iOS thing. I don’t have the original text on one I’ve just checked… hopefully coming to Android :soon: soon!

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Hmm, curiouser and curiouser… :thinking:

In my old bank account I get the untreated direct debit names. In Monzo on Android I see the enriched name only. On iOS (I have a secondary device) I’m seeing something slightly different: the text in grey at the bottom is the same as the enriched name - and even includes tags I’ve added… But nowhere can I see the unenriched name. :frowning:

@simonb, do you know if this is expected behaviour? It’s different to what’s happening in @jaisullivan’s screenshot above… :question:

@peter_g @jaisullivan Could you both post which iOS app version you’re running please?

Just a disclaimer — I’m running Monzo 2.1.0 (414) and the above DDs are yet to have their first payment taken from my Monzo account, not sure if that affects the way it’s displayed in any way :credit_card:.


I’m on 2.1.0 #414 (iOS), 2.0.4 (Android)

Looks like you’re both running the same iOS version then :thinking:

I’m also running that same version (a staff beta build though) and the expected behaviour is to see the enriched data on the “Scheduled Payments” screen for the larger merchants (my understanding is that only the bigger DD merchants are enriched at the moment, so EE, Vodafone, PayPal, etc) and you’ll see the raw data at the bottom of the screen when you tap on those ones. For non enriched ones, you’ll see the raw data in both places.

@Peter_G Can you see if uninstalling and reinstalling the app makes a difference?

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Ah ha, that works (without reinstalling!) I was guilty of just looking at the feed (the scheduled payments screen doesn’t exist on Android yet so I’m not programmed to look at it yet!) I’ve got some smaller providers enriched too, which is :cool: cool.

The issue, if there is one, is on tapping on a DD from the feed. But it’s reassuring to know that the original data is there (on iOS, at least!)

Thanks for the mini investigation! :muscle: :monzo:

(Edit: and sorry for kinda hijacking the thread!)


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