More Beautiful Direct Debits in Your Monzo Account

@daniel.cannon has been hard at work and today, your Direct Debits get a whole lot better looking :tada:


Great! One if the most annoying thing for me was ugly Direct debits feed but I think it needs way more work then just cosmetic beautifying. Just to name two things here, Direct debits lack details and they are never categorised properly.

Also, bit annoyed to read this as an Android user TBH (Sorry)

We’re also working to bring our full crowdsourcing system to Direct Debits and Credits so you can report ugly or incorrect information and we fix it for everyone. It’s not quite ready yet but should be coming to iOS in the next few updates. We also want to bring the crowdsourcing of all merchant data to Android, but don’t have a timeline right now


My recurring payments tab is already ‘beautified’! Fast work. Looking good!


@daniel.cannon You say that the top 50 companies have been changed so far. Is this because the process takes a long time to simplify/beautify the merchant? Or is it just because you want to cover the most used merchants as soon as possible?

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Oh damn that’s wicked! Got all my DDs looking beautiful in the Recurring Payments tab already! :smiley:

Nothing has changed in my feed :thinking: But soon, maybe? I figured if it showed up in one place the feed would be the same but I’m sure there’s a just a little delay in the roll out :wink:

Looks spot on :ok_hand: Can’t wait to see more merchants added to the list! :smiley:

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The process doesn’t take too long although its mostly a manual process at the moment and we wanted to improve the most common merchants as soon as possible. Hopefully once we update the apps to support merchant feedback we will be able to improve the less common merchants.


Sometimes it’s the little things. 3/6 of my DD now look great with appropriate names and logos! :heart_eyes:

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Unfortunately we were not able to update existing transactions (as we had to make some changes to the transaction data) however all future direct debit transactions should look beautiful :grinning:


Could this be possible once we get the crowdsourcing ability for direct debits? It’s a shame the rest of the feed from Sept until now will still have the ugly names and logos. I know I’m a sucker for a nice and tidy feed! :joy:


Sadly not :cry: We have the merchant data but the old transactions do not contain enough information to be matched to the correct merchant.


That’s a shame. Great to hear they’ll start looking good moving forward anyway! :smiley:

Thank you so much for bringing this to us so soon, Monzo! Even just seeing some of my direct debits beautified feels better, so I’m glad you released this before the crowdsourcing corrections feature for direct debits.

I’m looking forward to when I can submit corrections for the rest of my direct debits, hopefully including my gym which is local to my city (so you may not see many people submit a correction for it).


Were Google direct credits beautified? If so, why couldn’t they have waited a day to send it so I could see it all nice…

If not, get on it please :wink:


Looking good :ok_hand:t2:

When you select the DD it still shows the old default category at the top. Are these updating today too?



4/7 beautified :eyes:. Love it! Anyone get a full house?

Edit: does anyone have a bulb direct debit? Mine is a monthly card payment…

Aww no! Gutted :frowning:

It’s not the end of the world of course :wink: But it’ll be a shame to look back in 6 months time at a list of lovely icons and then see the tragic ‘legacy’ ones :joy:

It’d be mega awesome if it were possible but other than doing it manually on a case-by-case basis I guess there’s no way :confused: But at least it’ll look lovely into the future!

Question that’s on my mind…

Which 50 merchants did you choose? I’d be interested to see the full list :smiley:

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Also will they both still show in searches (pre/post beautified)?

When are we going to be able to see the Direct Debit Reference number? Is a more ‘beautiful’ display really more important than displaying the details?


Hey Frank, that screen will be updated in an upcoming iOS release, with a new layout to boot. :soon:


Hey, you should be able to see the reference number at the bottom of each transactions details page. Are you able to find your there?