Problems with Direct Debits after CASS

Evening all,

So I moved to Monzo this month, I love it and feel like i cam start saving some money using the app however…
After using the account switch tool and being notified that i don’t need to do anything, all my Direct Debits have been changed to the new account details and my old account has been closed.
Today I received notification from one of the companies saying my DD had failed. I phoned them and they still had my old bank account details on record.
After phoning a couple of other companies including my mortgage company, all of them still had the old bank details on record.
Has anyone else experienced this and what have you done to fix it?
I have tried contacting Monzo but a couple of hours in and I haven’t got a reply yet.
All this being said, I am enjoying my experience, just need to get this sorted.
Thanks in advance

Hi Adam. Welcome to the community!

This does not sound great and I hope it is sorted soon for you

Hopefully the Monzo COps will be within you in-app shortly as that is the best way to get this sorted

If there has been a problem with the account switch (CASS) then you are not liable and you should be fully compensated for any losses

For the sake of interest:

  1. Who did you switch from?
  2. Are all the affected DDs showing in your Monzo app?

Assuming you used the Current Account Switching Service, you’ll be covered by the guarantee.

Quoting from their Help page, as I can’t seem to link to the item directly:

Q. My Direct Debit hasn’t moved across after I’ve switched. What do I do?
A. If you’re missing a Direct Debit and your switch is complete, contact your new bank. Remember all payments are covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee and any charges or interest incurred on your old or new account as a result of the error will be refunded

(Emphasis mine)

Hope that helps to set your mind at rest, and that you hear back from the in-app support team before too long.

Hi Michael,

I switched from Lloyd’s and yeah, all Direct Debits are showing in scheduled payments including the mentioned Direct Debit that didn’t come out.
Thank you for your reply

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Perfect. Thank you for this

Let us know how you get on

Hopefully all sorted before it causes you any more bother

Just out of interest, when was your switch complete date? I wonder if this is due to it being close together, and the companies systems haven’t yet updated to the new details.

Hi Hoddz, it completed on the 10th of September

Long enough for the systems to be updated then. Hopefully it gets sorted, when I did a switch from Lloyds with my joint account not that long ago everything was moved over fine. We’ve had all DDs come out okay since.

Yeah, they are looking into it now for me.
Thanks for your help everyone.


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