Desktop version of the Monzo app (full feature Monzo Web)

The Business Account web interface is fine if they could make it available for Personal Accounts :slight_smile:


Well, I left.

…and the ‘off-boarding’ process left a bit to be desired. It’s the same as all banks though. When leaving a bank you want to download all your statements, but with Monzo the app just hangs there with a spinner spinning…nothing…except the ‘help’ and when you ask them for help they say to email, and when you email they ask for your account details with a photo of ID and video of you…when they could just have a ‘last step’ on the app, and a ‘goodbye, and we hope to see you again some day’, which would frankly be impressive…instead of the ‘FO then’ it seems to be.


That…doesn’t surprise me.

I feel like we could start saying “That’s totally Monzo!”

Sounds like you should have download them before you closed your account.

Is it not expected that you’d need to verify yourself if you close your account and are trying to get information about it? The same happened to me with Santander.

Sounds like you should have download them before you closed your account.

Er, that’s not possible, if you want to ensure you have all transactions, including the closing balance. Chicken-and-egg.

Is it not expected that you’d need to verify yourself if you close your account and are trying to get information about it?

Yes, and I do that in the normal way with the app. It works before closing the account, and it seems to still work afterwards, so why all the faff with photos and stuff? Note that it only needs to continue accepting that authorisation for the final step or until that final step is done, or perhaps some deadline expires.

The same happened to me with Santander.

Indeed, as I mentioned, all the banks I’ve tried also get this badly wrong. Sometimes they only allow you to download one statement at a time, which is extremely painful; or sometimes they insist on sending them via the post, which results in a massive ‘mail drop’, and subsequent exercise in sorting. None of the experiences make me want to return.

Monzo at least allowed a single download for all transactions as a single statement - not individual ‘statements’ as such, but good enough, I suppose. I just want to see that final one with ‘account closed’ on it, so I can be sure.


TSB were very good, they sent me a final statement in the post.

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Ahhh I see. My next question was going to be how other banks do this but that was answered above by Anarchist :slight_smile:

Might as well kick this conversation up again since it’s UBER important to me.

Has there been any further conversation about a Web based app for our personal accounts? I’m here in the US and I understand we’re only in Beta, but just curious what the status was. I can’t migrate to Monzo until this happens.

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I don’t think it will ever happen.

It might have for business but the trend is towards mobile and Virgin credit card actually shut their web version to go app only.

Curious though as to why it’s a must for you?

I’m voting for this as well. It’s the one feature I want most that Monzo doesn’t have today (including things like mobile check deposit). An app is great if I’m out and about, but I much prefer using a web UI on my laptop.

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I was repeatedly told that it isn’t going to happen.
If they do make it happen on desktop, I do hope they don’t be a-holes like the developers of Slack and prevent its use on mobile - some phones (yes, Android ones) can’t run the app.

Monzo business accounts have it and they’ve always said it’s something they’d like to do. I don’t think Monzo have said ‘no’ or ‘never’ to anything.

Was this on social media?

No, it was on the ‘chat’ feature of the native app, in response to me informing them this was a deal breaker for me, and if they could clarify it for me.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to Get Things Done on desktop. Doubly so if you manage your own finances and like to keep records independent of a service, no matter how long their own archives go back. Also, my primary form of banking is still full fat online banking as you can see more info more quickly. Monzo’s app is superb but I feel like I’m squinting through a hole in a piece of cardboard versus the more expansive layouts afforded by desktop.

Mobile access has its place for on-the-go convenience, as does desktop for breadth of features and more comprehensive layout and (potentially) access to stats, historical and so on. Significantly, full-fat desktop access can offer significant pluses in terms of broader accessibility for people with visual or motor impairment. There’s no reason that demographic should be deprioritised simply because Monzo is an app-first banking experience.


I think a web app version would be a game changer.

I’ve just signed up for Monzo Plus and while the budgeting tools are great, I really want to view them on my dekstop / laptop so I can work quickly between spreadsheets.

If you use the google sheets export, that’s far more powerful than the app will ever be.

Not if you want to categorise or add notes to transactions. I’ve done this on the web with my business account, and it is excellent – so much quicker than on the phone when dealing with multiple transactions.